Translate One2One earpiece promises to translate languages in just seconds

Smart earpiece breaks language barriers using IBM Watson
Translate One2One translation hearable lands
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Translation hearables are officially here. Bragi's new Dash Pro smart earbuds with real-time translation skills have already started shipping and now Australian startup Lingmo is getting ready to launch its first translating earpiece as well.

The Translate One2One earpiece, which is equipped with a built-in microphone doesn't look anywhere near as sleek or discreet a solution as Bragi's or the much anticipated Pilot buds from Waverly Labs, but it does promise to translate spoken conversations or written text within 3-5 seconds. It's not instant, but that's still pretty quick.

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It covers English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese using IBM's Watson Natural Language Understanding and Language Translator APIs along with Lingmo's own hardware to perform the translating magic. There's no need for a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to use it either, which means it could come in handy if you're stuck somewhere that's lacking a decent internet connection.

The good news is that the One2One is going to be available in July this year and you can order it from the Lingmo website right now. One earpiece will cost you $179 with a 2 piece travel pack also available for $229. The site says you should allow for 4 to 6 weeks in terms of delivery time.

We fully expected the Pilot earbuds, which raised over $4 million through crowdfunding last year to be the first translation hearable on the scene but clearly that's not going to be the case. When we spoke to Waverly Labs, the startup behind Pilot back in March this year, CEO Andrew Ochoa said it was still on track to ship this summer as well. It's a similar story for the Mymanu Clik smart earbuds, which are expected to launch in the coming months too.

So that's Bragi Dash Pro, Pilot, Mymanu Clik and the Translate One2One that all want to make learning languages truly a thing of the past. All hail the translation hearable.

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