Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 hits FCC ahead of possible 28 June unveil

New Samsung smartwatch is tipped to be unveiled on 11 August
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Update: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has been unveiled. Read our full Galaxy Watch 4 hands-on review.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has popped up in the FCC database, a sure-fire sign a launch date is approaching. And the listing offers some details on some of the features we can expect from the Samsung smartwatch that's set to run on Google's Wear OS 3.0.

The certifications reveal details of familiar model numbers attached to Samsung smart wearables with Wi-Fi and LTE models spotted.

There's confirmation that NFC is onboard, which should mean payments will be enabled on the Watch 4. There's also confirmation of dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, wireless charging support and GNSS receivers, which would seem to point to some form of GPS tracking functionality.

It references some of the same model numbers that were spotted getting certification at the CCC in China and when things start getting certified, it's a strong indication that an announcement and launch is imminent.

There's four models listed in total.

The SM-R880 and SM-R890 numbers are said to be the ones related to the two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

And the SM-R860 and SM-R870 models are said to be tied to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4.

What we obviously don't get from these certifications is any details of what we can expect from Wear OS 3.0, which these new Samsung smartwatches will be running on as opposed to Tizen.

Google did talk about some of the things we can expect during sessions at its I/O developer conference. That included how the new Wear will merge elements from Samsung's Tizen platform in with Wear OS and software from the newly acquired Fitbit.

These include bringing improved watch face creation tools for developers and working on improving health and fitness software for Wear too.

On the Google front, there's going to be rebuilt Google apps like Google Pay and Assistant, new third party Tiles (widgets) and fitness tracking powered by Fitbit. There is of course a lot of other juicy new Wear details we just don't know about yet.

As far as other hardware changes we could expect from these new Samsung smartwatches, there have been strong rumors that they'll launch in 42mm and 46mm case sizes. Talk of bringing innovative blood glucose monitoring features seems to have quietened now and there's no news if that rotating bezel is going to be sticking around either.

In terms of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 announcement and launch, the latest speculation suggests it could be slated for unveiling as early as the 28 June. A Samsung event at MWC is scheduled to discuss "“Galaxy Ecosystem / New Watch Experience / Mobile Security."

We should at least get some new information at that event – but if it's not a full reveal we may have to wait until August.

We've previously heard an even could happen on 11 August ahead of Samsung announcing its next big new smartphones. The last Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active launched around this time, so we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung stuck to that timeline for what is set to be an intriguing instalment of its Galaxy Watch series of smartwatches.

Via: GSM Arena

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