Oh, jeez, a Rick and Morty smartwatch could be landing soon

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You've seen the Apple Watch, explored the mountains of Wear watches and even considered a Samsung or Fitbit, but none have ever captured your heart. You surf endlessly upon the pages of the internet, through forums filled with rumour, waiting and wishing for the right smartwatch to come along.

And then this. The wait is over friends - this is your time. A Rick and Morty watch is being developed. According to Variety, the One61 team behind three recent superhero-themed devices is now working on two fresh gadgets, one focusing on Rick and Morty and the other inspired by the Pip-Boy hardware from the Fallout video game series.

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The details are slim right now, but the report does indicate that the smartwatches are expected to be ready in time to coincide with the launch of both Fallout 76 and season four of Rick And Morty, which actually isn't expected to land for at least another year.

So, what kind of thing will we see from the pair? If we're using the Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman watches recently launched by One61 as reference, there should a strong theme from start to finish. That means loading up the watch could bring a Morty "Oh, jeez", while hitting step goals could give the Rick "Wubalubadubdub".

There's even GIFs and video clips shown, and naturally standard smartwatch features such as notifications, music control, alarms and more are on board. As with the superhero-themed watches, the upcoming devices may also come in different forms. And while we can dream of a smartwatch styled after Rick's portal gun, it's more likely we'll have to settle for simply a rectangular and circular variant of each.

Interestingly, you can already turn your current smartwatch into one themed around Fallout, with Galaxy Watch watch faces existing on both the Samsung Galaxy Store while Wear watch owners can access ones through the Google Play Store. However, there's nothing for Rick and Morty fans.

And though the news is encouraging, and One61 indicates it's in the process of developing the watches under license, we shouldn't take it for granite that the smartwatches will launch any time soon. When they do, you can bet we'll be meeseeking one down and testing it thoroughly.

Oh, jeez, a Rick and Morty smartwatch could be landing soon

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