Pebble Time Round limited editions in gold/silver finishes hit Kickstarter

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The Pebble Time Round, its slimmest, chicest offering, was left out of its current Kickstarter campaign somewhat. Every other device got an upgrade and now Pebble has unveiled two new Time Round models, both limited editions.

The two new 'Special Edition' Round designs are still made of stainless steel but come in polished gold or polished silver finishes. From the press pics, they look fairly swanky - there's a black 'deco' bezel with smoked numbering around it to add some detail and leather bands.

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You can head to the main Pebble Time 2 (etc) Kickstarter campaign now to bag one of these new limited Time Rounds now for $199. Or choose a $298 combo pack for a Time Round and a cheep and cheerful Pebble 2.

Shipping is set for September 2016 and the listing says 'only certain countries', as in fact does the whole campaign.

The campaign has raised over $11 million already with 14 days to go. Now Pebble is referring to the polished finish Time Round watches as Kickstarter editions so it's not clear whether these will be available to pre-order as normal later in the year. There's 3,000 (in total) available according to the listing, though Pebble hasn't specified this anywhere else.

Pebble Time Round limited editions in gold/silver finishes hit Kickstarter

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