Oppo Watch Free could be next smartwatch to run the new Wear OS

Sportier smartwatch incoming?
Oppo Watch Free smartwatch spotted
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Oppo is cooking up a new smartwatch – the Oppo Watch Free – which has passed through European regulators.

LetsGoDigital has spotted the trademark passing through the EU Intellectual Property Office, which hints at a new device.

The file mentions “sports watches and watches for sporting use” which could mean this Oppo Watch Free is more fitness-orientated than its predecessor.

There’s no other details about the device, but we’re assuming this could cut back on features and come in at a lower price.

The $279 for the 41mm and the $484 for the 46mm certainly put the Oppo Watch into a top pricing bracket, so something that challenges the likes of Amazfit and Huawei would be a logical addition.

Oppo Watch Free could be next smartwatch to run the new Wear OS

The Oppo Watch (41mm and 46mm versions) landed last year, and ran the current version of Wear OS. They were the first Wear OS devices that ran an extra layer of software on top. This was Oppo's Color OS, which enables a more personal experience than vanilla devices that went before.

But now Wear OS is changing. Google has announced it’s unifying the OS with Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

So it looks like this new Oppo Watch will run the new-look Wear software – and logically it could be the first device to land after the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Active 4.

There’s still so much we don’t know about the new Wear OS – and that includes whether the updated operating system will roll out to older devices, including the older Oppo Watch.

As ever, these fragments and hints are all the fun of the tech industry, but nothing is certain until we get an official announcement. We’ll keep you posted.