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Hands on: OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue Edition

OnePlus adds ice cold style to the comeback kid
Wareable OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue hands on
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OnePlus has unveiled a Nordic Blue Edition of its Watch 2 in Helsinki - as the brand seeks to double down in Europe with an exclusive edition. 

When we posted our in-depth review of the OnePlus Watch 2, we applauded the build quality of the company's second-gen smartwatch

However, we were less keen on the weight of the device and its suitably for activities that involved movement on the wrists, like running. 

Does this special edition of the watch do anything to alleviate those concerns? We've gone hands-on with the Nordic Blue Edition to find out. 

Price and availability 

The Nordic Blue Edition joins the other two color variations of the 47mm OnePlus Watch 2, with pricing coming in at £329 / €379.

Pre-orders are open now ahead of a full release on 6 May. If you happen to order before 3 May, you'll save up to €30 and get a free pair of OnePlus Free Buds 3. 

A nautical spin on the original

WareableOnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue hands on

The company has said that the Watch 2 is its fastest-selling device in the last two years, which is a testament to how much it's bounced back after the disappointing OnePlus Watch

OnePlus president Kinder Liu admitted the company took a 'reflective pause' following its entry into the market - and that time to rethink its approach certainly paid off in the design department. 

The build quality of the Nordic Blue Edition is very similar - and, as we mentioned up top, that's a big positive.

We would have liked to see the company provide a spin on the jutted-out right edge of the device or perhaps make the crown more functional for this edition, but it's still a formula that works. 

It also features the same 1.43-inch display with a 2.5D sapphire crystal covering as the standard Watch 2, though a new detail is present in the two-tone watch indices around the screen's edge. 

It's a small touch, but it definitely enhances this edition's dressier feel compared to the classic Watch 2 colorways. 

Hybrid band retains the style

WareableOnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue hands on 3

Another new detail for the Nordic Blue Edition is a redesigned strap.

Instead of providing the fluororubber option as you'll find with the Watch 2, OnePlus has knitted a leather outer to retain that more classic timepiece look.

It's a neat design we've seen employed by Huawei and others over the years and ensures the watch remains functional for exercise, not degrading from sweat or moisture. 

This does mean this edition is a touch heavier than the original, but, at least in our initial couple of days with the device, we found the weight distribution to be slightly better.

During some light hiking and biking, it didn't show any signs of slippage as we moved with our arms. And when we tested it out in an intense sauna and Baltic Sea dip rotation, the band showed no signs of any wear. 

We're still unsure whether this is the best fit for regular running or true outdoor excursions, but the option is always there. The inclusion of dual-band GPS and solid heart rate monitoring accuracy means the watch is no slouch in this area from a software perspective, either.

Wareable says

WareableOnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue hands on 4

From our initial time with the Watch 2 Nordic Blue Edition, it's clear that a smartwatch already a good fit for formal occasions has jumped up another notch here. 

With the watch still offering the same impressive 100-hour battery life - mostly thanks to the novel dual chipset design - it gives those looking for a more formal look on the wrist another option to consider.

Especially for those with bigger wrists, it quickly emerges as one of the most stylish Wear OS watches on the market.

And while we would love to see OnePlus branch out to include a smaller case size or a more athlete-friendly design at some stage, it's certainly ticking a necessary box here with the Nordic Blue - and ticking it with style. 

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