Omate Racer and Omate Roma stylish smartwatches on show at CES

CES 2015: Slick looking new duo revealed and new retailers lined up
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Omate, the New York based company who launched the standalone TrueSmart smartwatch in 2013 and followed that up with the stylish duo of the Omate X and the Omate Lutetia is back again with a new pair of connected timepieces - the Omate Roma and the Omate Racer.

As you can probably guess from the names, the Omate Racer is a sporty option and the Roma is the more fashion-friendly device.

Both work with Android and iOS, delivering you notifications such as incoming calls, texts, emails, reminders and social network alerts, from your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (BLE).

"On the smartwatch segment, two worlds are merging together; on one side the traditional hundred years-old watch industry and on the other side, the hi-tech hardware and software industry," explained Omate CEO Laurent Le Pen.

"The main challenge is to implement the technology into a comfortable and fashionable form factor because technology is what you carry but fashion is what you wear. Omate Lutetia and Omate Roma are the clear representation of these goals and Omate Racer is their sport oriented alter ego.”

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Like the Lutetia, the new Omate duo are powered by a dual-core ARM-based MediaTek processor, which the company boasts is the smallest wearable chip around.

You can pre-order a Racer from 5-15 January for $99 - it goes up to $129 after that. The Omate Roma's price and release date hasn't yet been revealed. The good news is that UK and US availability should be boosted because of a deal between the manufacturer and the Ritchline Group, who deal with retailers both sides of the pond.

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