Omate X takes on Android Wear smartwatch brigade

iOS and Android compatible smartwatch goes on sale next month for $129
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Omate, the New York based company who last year launched the standalone TrueSmart smartwatch, is back for a second bite of the wearable tech cherry with the Omate X, a companion smartphone smartwatch.

Whereas the TrueSmart offered users cellular functionality such as calls and texting, without the need for a smartphone, the Omate X treads the now familiar smartwatch path by teaming up with a smartphone for added functionality.

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Compatible with both iOS and Android, Omate was quick to dig at a certain search giant before brashly announcing the arrival of its new device on Facebook.

"We created a fully wearable version of Android a year before Google launched its own ecosystem," reads an update on the social network. "The TrueSmart was designed for the 10% of our time during of which we partake in outdoor activities. Now, I am pleased to announce our new model - the Omate X - which will take care of the other 90%."

Packing in the usual array of incoming call alerts, social media updates, message notifications, reminders and the like, the Omate X packs a 400mAh battery that its makers claim will last for a week. That's the same battery size as the LG G Watch with around three times the lifespan - if Omate's claims ring true.

And, what's more, it'll cost less than its Android Wear rivals at just $129.

Omate X takes on Android Wear smartwatch brigade

Packing in Bluetooth 4.0, a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, and a 1.54-inch 240 x 240 curved TFT display, the Omate X also boast a microphone and speaker combo - so we're guessing the call functions from its older brother are still on board.

The design looks pretty swish; with an aluminium housing and a replaceable 22mm leather strap, and the list of software also sounds pretty intriguing with a sports tracker built in with walking, biking and running skills.

The Omate X will be available to order in September, costing $129. The first 1,000 devices sold will be limited edition launch issues.

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