Nike Training Club guide: How to work out with the Apple Watch app

Let your smartphone take a back seat and keep track of things from the wrist
Nike Training Club guide
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The Apple Watch has been a sporty wearable since its inception, with countless apps built especially for the smartwatch with the aim of guiding you through a workout.

And thanks to its long-standing partnership with Apple, Nike has been one of the key players helping exercise lovers leave their phone behind and instead track workouts from the wrist. Through the Nike+ editions of the Apple Watch, users have also been able to benefit from exclusive integration with Nike Run Club and plaster Nike-centric faces onto their home screen.

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Now, Nike is looking to target more than just runners. Its Training Club app, which houses strength, endurance, mobility and yoga workouts, has been given specific functionality for the Apple Watch. But what exactly does it entail, and how do you get the most out of it? Below, we’ll walk you through everything you can do through Nike Training Club, and just how the Apple Watch app can help assist your workout.

What is Nike Training Club?

Nike Training Club guide: How to work out with the Apple Watch app

Nike Training Club has now been tweaked to include Apple’s smartwatch, but it’s actually been available as a smartphone app for quite some time. And that means there’s already a solid library of workouts for you to explore, whether you’re a beginner or workout warrior.

One of the keys here is to understand who Nike Training Club is for. As we say, if you’re more of a runner, and you want a way to have your pavement pounding recorded, Nike Run Club is your point of call. Training Club is for those who want a guide to follow through a bodyweight and strength workout, meaning you won’t necessarily need any equipment and exercises are doable at both the gym or at home.

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There’s over 180 to choose from in total, with personalised training plans adapting to your goals and schedule over time. The iOS variant will offer daily ‘Picks For You’ based specifically on your routine, with workouts targeting specific muscle groups and goals, such as developing muscle tone, achieving leaner abs and more.

And throughout the Training Club journey, you can tap into everything from high intensity, boxing workouts to more relaxed yoga walk-throughs. Generally, all the workouts you can pick from will range from between 15-45 minutes, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels letting you ramp up the difficulty as you progress. You can even get some motivation and tips from some of Nike’s athletes along the way, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Rory McIlroy and Serena Williams.

Nike Training Club for Apple Watch

Nike Training Club guide: How to work out with the Apple Watch app

So, that’s the crux of Nike Training Club on the phone and what you can expect, but let’s clear up just how the Apple Watch adds to the experience.

Annoyingly, you’ll still need to rely on the Nike Training Club app on your smartphone, with the Apple Watch add-on really here to make your workout less cumbersome, not replace the phone experience. You still have to start workouts from your phone, but things will then port over to the Watch, meaning you don’t have to waste time between sets picking up your phone, or contend with squinting at the countdown in the middle of the set.

Instead, Training Club on the Watch will display the remaining time or repetitions you have left, as well as your heart rate and calorie burn. There’s also haptic feedback to help you know when to move on to the next drill, while quick options to pause and skip drills are also available. If you want some quick music control, you can pause, skip or rewind songs playing through your phone.

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As with Nike Run Club and other third-party apps on your Apple Watch, everything you record through Training Club will also be synced over to Activity and contribute to those all-important three rings, too.

So, what do you miss out on by following it on the wrist, as opposed to your phone? Well, on the main app, there’ll be video run-throughs from an athlete for you to follow along with, whereas the Watch is really just an easier way to keep track of your progress in real-time. It's the only real sacrifice you're going to have to make, but if you're confident with performing the specific exercises you shouldn't find it too much of a problem.

Nike Training Club top tips

Nike Training Club guide: How to work out with the Apple Watch app

We've gone through exactly what you can expect from the workouts on both the phone and Apple Watch version of Nike Training Club, but what other nooks and crannies are hidden for you to make this the heart of your training? Let's explore.

Check your progress

As we've mentioned, firing workouts up or checking progress isn't really the role of the Apple Watch app. For the latter, you'll want to go to the phone app and head to 'Activity'. From there, you're able to not only view your NTC workouts, but also ones you've accumulated through Nike Run Club (and even further back, when Run Club was simply Nike+ Running), as well.

Pick a plan

Picking from the big list of exercises is one way to go about your workouts, but it's arguably much more effective and focused to pick from the list of plans and work towards a goal. 'Lean Fit', for example is a six-week, balanced plan that builds your endurance, while 'Gym Strong' zeroes in on weight training over eight weeks and building full-body strength.

There's plenty more to choose from, and once you've selected one that suits you, you're able to tweak it to the number of exercises you want to take part in, whether you want to include running and what date you want to start.

Hit some milestones

Tracking your total minutes is a big deal on both NRC and NTC, with the Activity section showing off when you were able to hit individual milestones. We'd like to see more in-depth long-term tracking of our stats, but it's still a motivating factor to tick off every 1,000 minutes of exercise.

Posterise it

Those minute-based milestones we just mentioned are all well and good, but they quickly become a bit too few and far between. With Posters, again found in Activity, you can rack up some quintessential Nike motivational screens that denote the amount of workouts you've completed, from your first to your 100th.

Join the club

The clue is in the name, but a big part of the Nike Training Club experience is the community. In the Club section of the app, you'll be able to view the NTC community challenge, as well as view featured hashtags (or search your own) to see what else users are up to.

Take part in a live workout

It's not just about peering in on what other NTC users are up to - Nike is also on hand to make sure the online community turns into a real-world one through its NTC Live Workouts. To find out about ones taking place in your area, the Events section of the Club app lets you search from a select number of cities across the globe and register for any upcoming live events.

Get some friends

If you don't manage to find any friends at a NTC Live Workout, have no fear, you can search for other users through the app itself. Simply tap the icon in the top-right, sync your contacts or connect to Facebook to see fellow users.