Nico Gerard watch comes with Apple Watch on the back

It's hard to design a smartwatch that looks like a traditional watch, so just have both
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Like the battle between CD against MP3 and book versus ebook; watch against smartwatch is something we see a lot nowadays. However, a Californian-based watch maker wants to change that with an item that lets a watch and smartwatch work in elegant harmony.

Okay, well maybe not elegant harmony.

Nico Gerard has revealed its Pinnacle watch line, on one side there's a 41mm, Swiss-made timepiece with NG2824A automatic movement and everything else you expect from a high-end, traditional, watch. On the other is a 38mm Apple Watch.

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There's likely to be obvious problems with bulk and weight with the Pinnacle, but also there's a question of comfort. Trying to do normal tasks like pulling on your jacket, typing or holding hands could be a problem with that much metal on your wrist.

Although this may seem a small thing, with the Apple Watch being on the other side of your wrist, the heart rate monitoring could also become even more temperamental.

The price of the Pinnacle starts at $9,300 and goes up to an impressive $112,000. The $112,000 Sunrise Pinnacle comes with the Apple Watch Edition, which is a nice touch.

And yes, if you were concerned that you'd only be able to get one at a time, don't worry, there's an option to pre-order two. If you have need to get rid of the $224,000 plus the $500 reservation fee.

Source: Mashable

Nico Gerard watch comes with Apple Watch on the back

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