Leaked specs show Apple Watch could match the Android Wear army

File this one under "unsubstantiated speculation"
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In typical Apple fashion, little was revealed about the Apple Watch's actual specs during the wearable's much-hyped announcement earlier this month.

But, if recent leaks are anything to go by, the Apple Watch will pack a near identical set of internals as the Android Wear watches already on sale today – even though it won't be released until sometime in 2015.

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Apple has a long history of attempting to keep the specific specs of of its most popular products, including the iPhone, secret, instead trying to focus on real world performance. During the Apple Watch's announcement earlier in September, the recently voted 'coolest company in Britain' didn't disclose the internal storage or amount of RAM the wearable would come packing.

However, one analyst has apparently received insider information that details what Apple has in store for the much anticipated timepiece.

So, what are we expecting? Well, first off the watch will apparently come in two storage sizes – 4GB and 8GB – enabling you store music and apps right on the watch.

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512MB of RAM will, allegedly, be used under the hood to keep the device running smoothly. Even though it doesn't sound that impressive, Apple has always kept the RAM low in its mobile devices, with the iPhone 6 only packing 1GB.

These leaked specs are almost exactly the same as we've seen in competing Android Wear smartwatches – namely the Samsung Gear Live and the circular display toting Moto 360 – which also boast 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

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It was also stated the Apple Watch will feature a wireless radio chip straight from last year's flagship, the iPhone 5S, which includes GPS. While we didn't have any confirmation the watch wouldn't support this, Apple made it clear you'd have to be hooked up an iPhone for any sort of movement tracking, so this theory seems wide of the mark.

We hope to have much more information in the run-up to its big launch next year, but for now you can check out our hands-on Apple Watch review.

Source: TechRadar


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