Google Pixel Watch left in restaurant gets snapped next to the Apple Watch

Owner of alleged Google smartwatch prototype seems to confirm early design rumors
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In a throwback to the time an iPhone 4 prototype was left in a bar, it seems someone has found what could be a prototype of Google's Pixel Watch.

The person that got their hands on it found it in a restaurant in the US and sent images to the folks over at Android Central, showing off the design of what they believe is Google's as yet unreleased smartwatch.

The series of images show off a design that matches up with most of the rumors and renders suggesting Google will go with a round look and a combination of a rotating crown and two physical buttons along with a proprietary strap that definitely looks a lot like an Apple Watch strap.

Google Pixel Watch left in restaurant gets snapped next to the Apple Watch

There was no charger included with the watch, but the current prototype owner did manage to turn it on briefly to display the Google G logo, though didn't get any further than that.

After those initial images were shared, the person in possession of the watch hosted an AMA on Reddit, showing how the Pixel Watch prototype compares in size to a 40mm Apple Watch and a 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Google Pixel Watch left in restaurant gets snapped next to the Apple Watch

The Redditor, who goes by the user name tagtech414, suggests dimensions of the watch are roughly 12.7mm thick and 38.1mm in diameter. The smallest sized Apple Watch Series 7 features a 41mm case and measures in at 10.7mm thick for comparison.

They also suggest the watch has a very premium feel and shows additional images that seem to show off a speaker grill and what is either a microphone or an altimeter sensor.

Google Pixel Watch left in restaurant gets snapped next to the Apple Watch

While it's unlikely Google would ever confirm the authenticity of this prototype being of its unreleased smartwatch, it feels like pretty damning evidence that this is our first proper look at the hardware of Google's debut watch, which apparently goes by the codename Rohan. The question is whether it represents the final design or this is an early prototype of the watch.

While we didn't get a look at the software, it's safe to assume it will run on Google's Wear OS 3.0 software jointly built with Samsung. The Galaxy Watch 4 is currently the only smartwatch available to buy that runs on the latest version of Google's latest smartwatch OS.

Google's next I/O developer conference takes place next month and there has been some speculation that this could be the time we finally see a smartwatch, which has been rumored for years now. It may alternatively be delayed until October 2022 according to leakster Jon Prosser, who shared early renders that match up with this alleged Pixel Watch prototype.

Will we finally (finally) see the Google Pixel Watch? It feels like we are really getting closer.

Via: Android Central and 9to5Google

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