Another bonkers Chinese smartwatch appears but this one has beastly specs

The Doogee Keeper leaves no spec out - but is it too much for one watch?

The specs of a potentially incredible Chinese smartwatch have come to light.

Doogee is a small Chinese smartphone manufacturer, which is set to release the Doogee Keeper this August, according to Android Headlines.

Let's dive straight into the somewhat optimistic specsā€¦

Inside the IP68-rated aluminium casing it has reportedly stuffed 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5MP camera, a mic and speaker, micro SIM and SD card slots, 512mb of RAM, 4GB internal storage (expandable to 32GB), a heart rate monitor, pedometer, barometer, altimeter and GPS. Phew.

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This will all be powered by a 600mAh battery which will apparently give an impressive battery life of 5-7 days. The specs of the touchscreen display haven't surfaced yet, but with such good stamina, we can only assume Doogee plans to use similar tech to the monochrome Memory LCD on the Asus VivoWatch.

The software is also unknown, but it could have an adapted version of Android. Getting the OS right on a smartwatch is a tricky task, even for the big players in the market, so it'll be interesting to see how Doogee chooses software that makes the most of its many, many components.

Two large physical buttons sit on the right, power and home, with the camera snuggled between - the design conjures images of cheap spy watches found in the depths of the web but might appeal to early adopters who want function above form.

As with many rumours that surface from China, the Doogee Keeper and its specifications should be taken with a pinch of salt. If this smartwatch can make the most of all these specs at a reasonable price, Doogee may be on to a winner, but we'll have to wait till the August launch to find out.

But, let's face it, we'll never see it in the western world.

Does this look like your kind of smartwatch? We'd like to hear your thoughts on our Forum or in the comments below.

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  • MattKelland·

    It seems like smartwatches might be the genre which finally proves that Chinese own-brand tech can be every bit as good as its western equivalents. ROCK ON!

  • oracledbguru·

    Why does this watch looks exactly same as omate truesmart. Design and specs exactly same. Omate Truesmart doesn't haveĀ heart rate monitor, pedometer, barometer, altimeter. Also truesmarts 600 mah battery lasts hardly a day.

  • Djhut44·

    I feel like this could be anouther Qualcomm Tech, everything looks nice with all the specs and I guess all we know is that the Qualcomm was suspected to be around 200-250$, but it ended up being 700$ for the cheaper model, so unless they can bag all these suspected great features and specs for a very reasonable price which would probably cap at about 400$, then there is no way they are going to sell mass amounts.