Best cheap smartwatches: Sony, Martian, Pebble, Asus and more

Smartwatches that won't break the bank

If you're looking for the best smartwatch but are on a cheaper budget, there are options out there for you. Whether you're looking for something under $100, or you're willing to stretch things out to around the $150 mark, you can still live a good smartwatch life as good as your Apple Watch and Fitbit Ionic-owning friends.

While you might have to make some compromises on aspects like advanced sports tracking or a luxurious design, you'll still be able to do things like receive notifications and track your fitness. Many watches will be compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, too.

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If you head over to Amazon, you can pick up a host of smartwatches for as little as $15, but take it from us, those crazy cheap ones are awful. So if your wallet can't stretch to an Apple Watch Series 3 or a Samsung Gear S3, read on for our list of decent cheap smartwatches you can grab without breaking the bank.

Best cheap smartwatches under $100

Pebble 2

Best cheap smartwatches: Pebble, Sony, Samsung and more

We've kept the Pebble 2 in the list purely because nothing else quite offers the same set of features, specs and price. You get a seven day battery life, Pebble Health and Timeline, an optical heart rate monitor and a monochrome screen. If you're picking one up, just be aware that Pebble services are safe for the first until the end of the first half of 2018 and a lot of apps have disappeared, so you'll be relying on the basic functionality here. Still, for that price it could still be worth it. There's also a fan-built project called Rebble that's aiming to offer support for Pebble users when Fitbit pulls the plug. Be warned, however, that stock is running out - so your chance to get in on the Pebble 2 is coming to a close.

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$62.95, | Amazon

Asus ZenWatch 2

For the ZenWatch 3, Asus decided it was time to go round, but if the whole rectangular or circle argument doesn't bother you, the ZenWatch 2 is worthy of your attention. Okay, so it's not challenging the big guns such as the Gear S3, Apple Watch Series 2 or Huawei Watch 2 in any respect, but with all the latest Android Wear features and a slim, sleek build, it's a bargain for the price and well worth considering whether you're and iPhone or Android phone owner.

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$79.99, | Amazon

Martian Notifier

The price of this Martian Notifier certainly makes things interesting, despite not exactly bringing anything groundbreaking to the party. Compatible with Android and iOS, the Notifier mixes an analogue face with a small OLED screen, which displays messages and calls. It's a very similar smartwatch setup to the more expensive Guess Connect and Hugo Boss Smart Classic. While the screen is a little small, you can customise vibration patterns to identify callers. Yes it's a bit old now, but for the price, it's not bad at all.

$64.96, | Amazon

Best cheap smartwatches under $150

Ticwatch E

Best cheap smartwatches: Sony, Martian, Pebble, Asus and more

The new king of the budget smartwatches, the Mobvoi's Ticwatch E gives you a balanced, affordable entryway into the smartwatch world. Everything you want is here. You've got intriguing design that'll remind you of an old Swatch, you've got solid GPS performance, and you've got some good customization from Mobvoi that'll set this watch apart from the rest of the Android Wear cohort.

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$143.99, | Amazon

Samsung Gear S2

Best cheap smartwatches: Sony, Martian, Pebble, Asus and more

With the Gear S3 and the Gear Sport on the scene, the Gear S2 is now the cheapest it's ever been. But don't be put off by the price, this is still one of the best smartwatches you can get your hands on. While it might not boast the same number of apps as the Apple Watch or what's up for grabs for Android Wear owners, it does have Tizen OS, which is one of the slickest smartwatch operating systems we've used. It's also got that great rotating bezel for navigation that we're big fans of and battery life is not too shabby either.

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$118.99, | Amazon

Sony SmartWatch 3

The Sony SmartWatch 3 was our top Android Wear watch fave for a long time, and while it is now positively ancient, it's still a solid budget/mid range smartwatch all-rounder. It's got full GPS tracking for fitness, NFC for all your Google Wallet contactless payments, and a two-day-plus battery life. If you want a cheaper sporty Android Wear watch equivalent to the Moto 360 Sport or the Polar M600, then this the one for you.

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$129.99, | Amazon

Skagen Connected

Best cheap smartwatches: Sony, Martian, Pebble, Asus and more

Yes we've snuck in a hybrid, but if you can live with the fact there's no touchscreen and this is the 2016 edition and not the smarter Connected 2017 model, this is one of the best looking hybrid smartwatches you can get on your wrist. Aside from the gorgeous design, it'll give you a nudge when you receive notifications, tracking activity including sleep and has Skagen Link, which unlocks the ability to do things like control music on your phone and taking photos. Sleek and smart, it's definitely one of our faves.

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$130, | Amazon

Amazfit Pace

Best cheap smartwatches: Pebble, Sony, Samsung and more

Another one on the Wareable test list, the affordable smartwatch from the Xiaomi offshoot is very promising. It's running focused with GPS and GLONASS, as well as offering IP67 water resistance and an optical heart rate monitor. Battery life is up to 11 days or 36 hours with GPS and continuous HR turned on. Smartwatch features essentially boil down to alerts for calls, texts and apps so it should cover the basics.

$129.99, | Amazon

Weloop Hey 3S

Best cheap smartwatches: Sony, Martian, Pebble, Asus and more

Another option to look into, considering that most Western brands don't seem to be very interested in making sub $200 smartwatches. The Weloop Hey 3S a 38g, 11.5mm Apple Watch clone that is being sold on Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform in China.

It offers a 1.28-inch LCD display with a resolution of 176 x 176 plus it's reportedly waterproof to 50m, rocks GPS, GLONASS and a heart rate sensor. And it should last 30 days on one charge. We haven't tested this budget smartwatch but hope to in the future.

$145.99, | Amazon

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  • Yuval says:

    what about the zenwatch 2 in 150 usd? Worth a mention.

  • jeffzsx says:

    The Alcatel watch is total crap.  Battery lasts less than 2 months, and the watch typically breaks before 30 days.  Do research.  

    • RobertShowell says:

      yes, it fails to charge properly too

  • Johhennneee says:

    Chineese knockoffs of them all for 1/4 the price

  • JaredBarley says:

    Can buy knock-offs for $10US or less on Amazon and other online stores. Would like to see you guys buy a varied bunch and test them vs brandname items. 

  • sephia_rezzar says:

    U call these cheap?? So which are expensive?

  • Pebbleuser says:

    i have been using the original pebble for a while now. The watch has a known issue called screen tearing which happened just after pebble upgraded the watch firmware pebble os 2.0. The screen becomes unreadable showing garbage, i.e horizontal lines. This happened exactly in the 13th month after I bought my pebble and of course pebble refused to do anything about it. Basically, you just have to throw away the watch if you get screen tearing issues. If you check the pebble forums, you will note that this is a very common problem. That being said, such article always tend to mislead potential buyers to sponsored products without doing a research on whether these products are sustainable. Hope this helps someone.

  • silver222 says:

    Hi, U'm looking for smartwatch that has phone finder feature. I see some chinese cheap smartwatches on youtobe like GV08, G4, A09, etc has the feature but some say this feature doesnt work on android 6. Does the reviewed smartwatches in this article have phone finder feature that work with android 6? (phone finder makes your smartwatch ring the phone, not just vibrate/ring the smartwatch when it's out of bluetooth range from phone)

    • sinkezg says:

      I bought No1. G6 for ~26 USD and phone finder works just fine. Unfortunately there is a problem with downloading & setting up watch faces, but I still need to check is there a way to make it work.

  • fb_tlancer says:

    Bought a used Samsung Gear S2 Classic for $150 and for $5 a month good to go on Verizon. Waived activation for some reason. Really liking it so far and the brand new 3G/4G watch prices were ridiculous.

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