​Asus ZenWatch available now in the UK priced £199

Finally the Asus ZenWatch is here, and it has the Moto 360 in its sights

The Asus ZenWatch was promised to arrive before Christmas for under £200, and it seems Asus has just managed to get its smartwatch over the line.

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Update: Currys and PC World is exclusively selling the Android Wear device from now for £199.99, just shading the LG G Watch R, and going head-to-head with the Moto 360.

We have to say we’re a little disappointed in the pricing. The ZenWatch is a lovely looking device with a unique and attractive design, but it certainly looked a lot more appealing when the price was converted from $199.

However, the elegant and shapely design will certainly pique the interest of shoppers, and the leather strap is one of the best looking around. It’s also interchangeable too, so you can customise the look of the device to suit your taste.

The launch in the US was rather botched with a series of price changes and fluctuating availability at Best Buy, so Asus will be hoping for a smoother outing this time around.

Will you be buying an Asus ZenWatch at launch? Let us know in the comments below

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  • Russ_Seaton·

    Was on a reservation with Expansys but in the end I've gone for the LG G Watch R - preferred the styling....   and at a reduced price now...  the Asus doesn't quite swing me..   Also Dec 23rd?? No chance for an overnight delivery in the UK if bought on line...

  • Armand·

    je l'ai commandé sur EBay du coup à 250 € pour être sur de l'avoir avant Noël.

    Elle ne sera pas disponible ici avant le 25. Et il n'y en aura pas pour tout le monde. :-(

  • TommyN·

    Just ordered the Zenwatch on Curry Web sit for store delivery. Waiting for email to let me know when I can pick it up. 

  • brualbert·

    I'm very keen to buying it, but not at that price (as you said, converted from $199 is way more appealing!)  

    I'm also a bit disappointed with the heart sensor, with no possible continuous monitoring. But when you see the accuracy of the heart rate of the other smartwatches, I guess it's pretty useless anyway.

    The sony smartwatch 3 is quite interesting as well with its build in gps (I like running so that's quite an interesting feature), then the look of it is not so nice...