#Trending: Which Android Wear smartwatches will get Wi-Fi support?

Because as time goes on, Android Wear devices are getting increasingly fragmented
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The biggest update to Android Wear in its history dropped this week, and all the chatter since has been about Wi-Fi: which devices are getting it, and which are getting left behind.

In an attempt to one-up the Apple Watch, Google has enabled Wi-Fi on its wearable OS, which means that your smartwatch is not simply tied to your smartphone by Bluetooth.

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Bluetooth's short range means that you don't have to move very far around your house to break the connection with your phone – and if it rings while on charge in the bedroom, or left in the kitchen, for example, you wouldn't receive the notification.

Google's answer is Wi-Fi. If both devices are connected via Wi-Fi, information will still sync. Plus, they don't have to be connected to the same network – although the usefulness of that is slightly less obvious.

There's a problem, however.

Not all Android Wear devices are made equal, and some haven't got Wi-Fi chips built in.

So which devices are Wi-Fi and which are low-fi? We reveal all:


LG Watch Urbane

#Trending: Which Android Wear smartwatches will get Wi-Fi support?

Google confirmed that LG's new smartwatch will be the first to enjoy the Android Wear update while simultaneously stating that the latest OS update will land within weeks. After having its thunder stolen, LG has now confirmed the Urbane will be released this month, and it means the Android Wear army could have a new Wi-Fi toting leader.

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Moto 360

As the first round Android Wear smartwatch, the Moto 360 could be forgiven for the omission of Wi-Fi, yet it's one-upped the G Watch R by taking full benefit of Google's big update.

The Moto 360 has endured its share of criticism, namely over the terrible battery life and while, software updates have improved this, it will be interesting to see how much Wi-Fi will take its toll.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony's latest wearable is packed with tech, so we weren't surprised to learn that Wi-Fi was coming to the SmartWatch 3. Mix in the Wi-Fi chip with the existing GPS tech (still the only Google powered watch to have it) and the most versatile Android Wear device just got even better.


#Trending: Which Android Wear smartwatches will get Wi-Fi support?

LG G Watch and G Watch R

LG's original LG G Watch is an unashamedly budget smartwatch so it's no surprise that Wi-Fi didn't make spec sheet. However, the premium LG G Watch R – which sells for a whopping , was launched at the same time as the Moto 360, yet won't benefit from the key connectivity features in Google's update. Disappointing.


Asus ZenWatch

#Trending: Which Android Wear smartwatches will get Wi-Fi support?

Another latecomer to the Android Wear party, even Asus seemed confused about whether its smartwatch would support Wi-Fi. Strictly speaking, the Asus ZenWatch isn't getting the full compliment of features, however, the Taiwanese company has confirmed that if both devices happen to be on the same network, notifications can be sent via Wi-Fi.

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