Galaxy Watch 7 Pro leak hints at best-ever battery in a Samsung smartwatch

A return to true multi-day battery life is on the cards
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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro may feature one of the biggest Wear OS smartwatch batteries on record, with a regulatory leak showing off the component seemingly destined for the device.

After releasing the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in 2023, Samsung is set to return to the 'Pro' variant that we last saw with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro - and it appears the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro will feature a very comparable battery unit to that 2022 model.

The leak, courtesy of a South Korean safety regulator, rates this mysterious battery (referenced as EB-BL705ABY) at 578mAh, slightly larger than the 573mAh present in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Samsung later marketed the 5 Pro battery at 590mAh, which could mean that the 7 Pro could - at least according to the company - break the 600mAh barrier. 

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But what would this actually mean in the real world?

Well, to put those battery figures in context, we found in our Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review that it's consistently able to last around three days in regular use, which is close to Samsung's 80-hour estimation.

It's the sole reason we still recommend it alongside the Galaxy Watch 6 duo - both only able to last around 40 hours - in our round-up of the best Wear OS smartwatches.

Currently, the OnePlus Watch 2 (500mAh) and TicWatch Pro 5 (628mAh) are the only other true multi-day Wear OS devices on the market - though, aside from the battery life, aren't without their issues.

We won't know until later this summer whether the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro will join these two as the platform's longest-lasting watches, and, as ever, there's no telling whether this leak truly relates to the upcoming Samsung watch other than hints in the filing.

However, it does align with what we're expecting to see from Samsung, so stay tuned for more info over the coming months - we wouldn't be surprised to see this one corroborated soon.

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