Samsung could copy this Apple Watch design feature for the Galaxy Watch 6

Latest rumor suggest big changes to the bezel size and display
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is being tipped to feature a slimmer bezel and bigger display than its predecessor.

The latest rumor, courtesy of renowned tipster Ice Universe, indicates the next Samsung smartwatch will offer a very different design to the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro - and one much more akin to the Apple Watch. 

The leaker suggests that Samsung will bump the display size from 1.4 inches (on the 44mm Galaxy Watch 5) to 1.47 inches for the Galaxy Watch 6 series. 

Presumably, as well, such a change would also have an even greater visual impact on the smaller version of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 - expected to be around 40mm.

It may only sound like a small adjustment, but this would likely have a very noticeable impact - much like we saw when Apple reduced the bezel size for the Apple Watch Series 7, which is a feature still present on the Series 8

On these later Apple Watch models, the display is essentially edge-to-edge. And given that Samsung's current and previous watches have quite a chunky bezel, this would feel like an obvious and necessary upgrade.

The Apple Watch may not be the only smartwatch Samsung draws inspiration from, either, with a previous rumor suggesting that the Galaxy Watch 6 may feature a curved display like the Google Pixel Watch

At this stage, however, there are plenty of details that remain unknown - even if this latest hint would appear to match up with what we're expecting. 

For example, it's not totally clear whether the change will come to the standard version of the Galaxy Watch 6 or the expected 'Pro' model - or both. 

It's also not known just what effect this would have on the also-rumored return of the rotating bezel through the Galaxy Watch 6

And with an official announcement not expected until August, we're still a few months away from having all these current rumors confirmed. 

We're expecting the picture to become a little clearer between now and then, though, so stay tuned for all the latest details. 

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