Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 set for 10 August unveiling

And we now know the size of the Watch 5 Pro (probably)
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The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 could be closer than we thought – according to a high profile tech leaker.

Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech has tweeted details of the supposed Galaxy Watch 5 launch – with more details on we might see.

Prosser has alleged that we will see three sizes of the Galaxy Watch 5. That had already been established from previous leaks, but we now have clarity over the size of the incoming Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Prosser believes we will see a Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm), Watch 5 (44mm) and Watch 5 Pro (46mm).

And in terms of a release, Prosser has given us exact dates.

He believes the Watch 5 will be announced on 10 August, when it will open for pre-orders. He expects a full on sale for 26 August.

That’s earlier than we expected, and we usually see Galaxy Watch launched in late August.

Jon Prosser has a good track record when it comes to Android releases, and has been spot on with his leaks and predictions regarding the Google Pixel Watch. So this is information well worth considering.

Just as a recap, details about what to expect from the Galaxy Watch 5 are still fairly limited. Temperature tracking seems to be one of the key features expected to land.

There’s also a new version, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which will replace the Classic skew of the smartwatch. That’s been tipped to pack a monster battery, titanium build, and ditch the iconic rotating bezel, that’s been a feature of Galaxy Watch smartwatches.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has had a bumper year, and has somehow managed to remain the only Wear OS 3 smartwatch.

However, the Galaxy Watch 5 will have to go up against the Pixel Watch – the first smartwatch directly built by Google.

That will be a fascinating battle of features, design and price, that hopefully will kick start a new era of smartwatches for Android.

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