Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Latest rumors and speculation

Latest talk about Samsung's next Wear OS smartwatch that's tipped to land in 2022
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 latest rumors
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 saw Samsung make the pretty bold move to swap its own Tizen OS smartwatch operating system for Wear OS 3, which it helped to build.

So when a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 arrives on the scene, we think it's fair to assume it will be once again come packing Google's smartwatch OS.

Software aside though, what else can we expect from Samsung's next smartwatch and when could we see it? We've collected together the all the latest chatter about the Galaxy Watch 5 to start to piece things together.

Three Galaxy Watch 5 sizes inbound

New leaks have pointed to three possible skews, after codenames Heart-S (SM-R90X), Heart-L (SM-R91X) and Heart-Pro (SM-R92X) were uncovered.

Samsung watchers have taken that to mean that there will be two sizes of the standard Galaxy Watch 5, and conformation of a Watch 5 Pro edition.

The leak reveals that the Heart-S and Heart-L codenames will have a 40-42mm and 44-46mm sizes respectively. But, frustratingly, there's no word of size for the Pro version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro inbound

Samsung could release an all-new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro version with a monster battery, according to a Korean certification.

The filing, spotted by Sammobile, reveals a codename for the new smartwatch, and lists a 572mAh battery among the specs – which could be a huge upgrade on the current size.
The existing 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 packs a 361mAh battery – so this could be a 60% boost in time away from the charger.

And the rumors of a Pro size above seem to confirm its existence – however, other than a massive battery there's no other clues regarding features heading to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

And as per new rumors, it seems as if the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will feature a titanium body and sapphire crystal display. If true, these design flourishes should make for a premium smartwatch, with a premium price tag. Top end Tag Heuer and Garmin Fenix devices, with price tags north of $1,000, have used this mix of materials, as has Apple, which charges $699+.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Temperature sensor incoming?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Latest rumors and speculation

This is one of the biggest rumors to emerge about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 so far and it comes from ET News who claims that the Korean tech giant will introduce a thermometer function on its next smartwatch.

Samsung has apparently found a way to measure body temperature accurately and it could be used to help users detect symptoms of Covid-19 or that they may be coming down with some other form of illness or virus.

There are already a host of wearable devices that are capable of monitoring temperature. Some monitor skin temperature as opposed to body temperature. The likes of the Fitbit Sense and incoming TicWatch GTH Pro are two devices that support that method. There's also devices like the Oura Ring 3, which do promise to monitor body temperature.

Samsung has already introduced the ability to measure heart rate using an ECG sensor, track blood pressure and it the Watch 4 introduced a new body composition analysis feature. It wouldn't be entirely out of the question to see a temperature sensor appear on the Watch 5, but it'll need to deliver that data reliably to be of any real use to wearers of its next smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Bigger battery incoming

Another big rumor floating around is that the Watch 5 will see Samsung bolster things in the battery department.

According to Sammobile, who point to an unspecified regulatory filing that it spotted that suggests the Watch 5 will have a larger battery than the current Watch 4.

The battery capacity on the natural successor to the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4 will apparently move from 247mAh to a 276mAh one. That may suggest that all of the size options in the next watch will host bigger batteries.

In our testing, the Galaxy Watch 4 mustered up around 2 days in use, so we'd hope that Samsung has found a way to push things further than that on the Watch 5.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 release date

So, when will we actually get to play with Samsung's next smartwatch? If the most recent speculation is anything to go by, it could be similar launch window to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which arrived in August 2021.

A similar window is hinted at by TheElec managed to get hold of Samsung's 2022 production schedule, which has been translated by a leakster named FrontTron.

It names the Galaxy Watch 5 as going into production in Q3-Q4, which is the period from July to December.

From the same publication that tips Samsung to add a temperature sensor to its next watch, it also claims that the Galaxy Watch 5 will launch in August 2022, so we may well see if before the typical busy fall and winter period.