Samsung's C-Lab has cooked up smartglasses for the visually impaired

Smartphone-powered Relúm?no wearable will make things much clearer
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Samsung's in-house C-Lab program is all about supporting crazy, futuristic projects and we can look forward to more of the craziness at CES 2018.

Three new projects will be shown off at the Vegas tech expo and that includes Relúmĭno, a pair of smart visual aid glasses that enables users to see images clearer when they are reading a book or viewing an object.

Hands on: Trying out Samsung Relúmĭno smartglasses

The Relúmĭno app was actually shown off at last year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and now we will get to see the hardware that it'll be housed in. Apparently the glasses will be powered by processors and batteries and will work in conjunction with a smartphone.

The phone element is responsible for processing the images from videos projected through the camera of the glasses with the processed images sent to the display of the glasses to help the wearer see things better.

The two other new projects that will be shown off will be the S-Ray wearable directional speaker and GoBreath, a portable device and app that aims to help patients who have experienced lung damage to recover faster by teaching them basic techniques such as inspiration, coughing or deep breathing.

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Since the C-Lab was set up back in 2012, we've seen a whole host of weird and wacky projects from a host of spin-off startups including the Sgnl smart strap from Innomdle Lab, the Welt smart belt and Salted Venture's IOFIT smart sports shoes.

While Samsung clearly hasn't abandoned spending time and money on developing more standard wearable fare like smartwatches, fitness trackers and VR/AR headsets, it's nice to see that it's still supporting some of the more creative ideas that its employees are dreaming up and might not necessarily make it into a Gear VR or a Samsung Gear smartwatch.

Team Wareable will be out at CES 2018, so we'll definitely stop by the C-Lab booth to see the Relúmĭno smartglasses in action and see what else is currently being dreamt up in the program.

Samsung's C-Lab has cooked up smartglasses for the visually impaired

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