DokiWatch S is a kids smartwatch that comes with Alexa

Two-way video calling also heading to the second generation wearable
DokiWatch S kids watch comes with Alexa
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Doki Technologies has announced it is set to release the second generation of its kids smartwatch, the dokiWatch S.


The watch, which is aimed at children aged 6-12, joins the long list of connected tech making use of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, harnessing her capabilities to power its dokiAsk feature. This, of course, allows users to ask all the same questions they would typically ask an Echo, for example, but from the wrist instead.

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The company launched its first dokiWatch after raising over $400,000 through Kickstarter and Indiegogo back in 2016, with the original able to handle video and voice calling, messaging, location monitoring and fitness tracking.


The new dokiWatch S is able to match all of that, while also giving parents a scheduler to help manage their child's daily bedtime, activities, classes. The Photo Gallery lets kids save their photos and selfies, too, and video calling has been improved for the new watch. Previously, only parents could initiate video calls, but now kids will be able to call their parents directly from the watch.


DokiWatch S has been available to pre-order since November, with the company indicating that shipping will roll out throughout January to 30 countries.

However, if you're a parent that wants to take advantage of the calling capabilities and messaging, you'll need to make sure you're on a network plan. This varies depending on which version of the watch you opt for and which country you're looking to use the device in, though is all detailed on the Doki website for those looking to find out more.

DokiWatch S kids smartwatch comes with Alexa baked in

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  • threeboys·

    We bought two in December 2018 for our boys. The watches are useless:

    The charger is hard to connect.

    The watch drops signal all the time. The watch face just says "try again" most of the time.

    The app that is required to communicate with the watch logs itself out all the time. If you are not logged into the app, your child could try to communicate with you, but you would not receive the texts. There is no signal that you have been logged out of the app, so you would think that you are available to your child but you are not.

    The video chat feature (a feature we were really excited about) was never reliable.

    The watch and the parent's smart phone can both appear connected, but even voice calls do not go through.

    The area on the screen to tap for voice text on the watch does not work, so my child can not text me other than sending emojis.

    We have had the watches since December. We have been paying AT&T for the lines for the watches, but we have yet to able able to use the watches in any meaningful way. Sadly, Doki has no return policy. I just looked on Facebook, and there are essentially no posts from people who have the watch and like it. All of the posts are "hey, this is cool... cool, where do I get one..." or the rest of the posts are from people who bought the watch and are very disappointed because the watch is useless and they had to eat the cost and buy a different device. In fact, there is a Facebook page organizing a class action lawsuit against Doki. We paid $300+ for the watches, so this was an expensive mistake. At this point, what's done is done. We are going to transfer our service to Verizon and get Gizmos. We have no recourse against Doki, but at least we can reach out to people in the industry who have the ability to manage their presence in the marketplace. Please do not recommend Doki watches in the future.