Samsung is bringing new Icon X earbuds and a Gear VR headset to IFA

Samsung's wearable tech game looks strong for fall
Samsung leaks new IconX smart earbuds
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Samsung has a big conference at IFA 2017 in Berlin next Wednesday 30 August and now we pretty know everything we're expecting to see.

As well as the Samsung Gear Sport watch and Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro tracker - both of which leaked ages ago - we now have a leaked image with new IconX smart earbuds and yet another Gear VR headset and controller to complete the wearable tech line up.

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We have very little details about these two new devices. The IconX - which doesn't have a '2' after it - is pictured with a model number, in three colours - black, grey and bright pink and in a charging case.

The design looks very similar to the first edition of Samsung's smart sports hearable and we don't know what to expect in terms of extra features on top of the music, fitness and heart rate tracking of the original. In our review, we definitely found room for improvement, specifically around battery life and sound quality.

Samsung is bringing new Icon X earbuds and Gear VR headset to IFA

The Gear VR is a more obvious case of releasing a new model to accommodate the new Samsung Note 8 smartphone which was just launched in New York this week.

Again, it looks identical to previous Gear VRs, which have been getting new models - finishes - for each new flagship phone launch. The new Samsung headset will work with the handheld controller accessory.

The Gear VR is a great product so we can see why Samsung doesn't want to tinker with it too much to be fair. Stay tuned for hands ons of all the new Samsung kit next week.

Source: PhoneArena

Samsung is bringing new Icon X earbuds and Gear VR headset to IFA