Best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps: 15 Wear OS apps to download first

Discover the essential list of apps for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4
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When Samsung decided to drop its own Tizen platform in favor of Wear OS, it instantly gained a growing ecosystem of superb third-party apps and Google services. 

With access to Google's Play Store, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 models have access to a bigger catalog of high-profile apps.

Since Samsung joined the ranks in 2021, things have rapidly improved, too. Google has used the renewed interest in Wear OS to galvanize developers and improve the selection. There are now new guidelines regarding app quality, and it's really starting to show on the latest version of the software.

We've spent plenty of time with the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 on our wrists - here are 15 of our favorite apps to spend time with.

How to download apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

There are two ways to get apps on your Galaxy Watch. The first is to download apps from the Google Play Store via the Samsung Galaxy Wearable companion phone app.

Once the Galaxy Wearable app is installed on your phone and your Watch 5, Watch 5 Pro, Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic is paired, scroll down from the main screen until you see Google Play Store. 

Download apps directly from the Galaxy Watch 

If you want to download apps directly from the Galaxy Watch, do the following:

1. Swipe up from the main watch screen to reveal the app screen.

2. Look for the Google Play Store app icon.

3. If you haven't done already, you'll need to link a new or existing Google account to start downloading apps.

4. You can return to the app and start searching for apps by voice, using the keyboard or drawing out letters to spell the app you're searching for.

1. Weather 14 Days - Meteored

Free: Google Play


We love a weather app and this is a good one to grab for the Galaxy Watch. The Wear OS version has been given a bit of a revamp, giving you weekly and hourly forecasts and additional data like UV index and visibility to keep you safe if you're heading out in your car.

2. Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Free, Google Play

Wareablespotify samsung watch app

When Google first announced Wear OS 3, Spotify was among the first apps being rebuilt for the new platform. Like the Samsung Tizen version, it still gets you offline playlist support (with a Premium subscription), the ability to control where the music is streamed from and 'like' songs by tapping that heart icon.

There's a dedicated screen to download playlists and there's also Tiles support, which means you can add a dedicated screen to quickly access and start playing something.

3. YouTube Music

Subscription required: Google Play

Wareableyoutube music for galaxy watch

If you don't fancy Spotify, there's you can opt for YouTube Music as your go-to music streaming service. Like Spotify, you'll need to have a YouTube premium subscription to make use of the app, which lets you download music when offline.

YouTube has also added a smart download feature, which will download 50-500 songs over Wi-Fi when your watch is on the charger, and there's also Tiles support to help you quickly jump in.

4. To-Do List - Schedule Planner

Free: Google Play

Wareableto do list samsung watch

Some of the best apps are the simplest ones, and To-Do List goes about its business in a really effective way. It gives you an interface that's easy to see what you need to do, and you can then easily mark them when they're complete. You can also stick lists into folders, as well, to make sure you're dealing with the important stuff that needs to get done first.

5. Strava

Free: Google Play

Wareablestrava samsung watch app

This is another app that's been rebuilt for Wear OS 3. Strava doesn't need any huge explanation. It's a place to track your workouts - perfect for those who don't think Samsung's workout app doesn't do a good enough job of it.

You can track runs, rides, walks, hikes and even indoor bike rides with the ability to turn on audio cues and enable/disable auto pause modes for running and cycling. It's simple to use and pushes tracked sessions to the main Strava app ready to soak up all of that Kudos.

6. Calm

Free (subscription required for full access): Google Play

Wareablecalm app for galaxy watch

The app for helping you sleep and giving you somewhere to get that meditation fix, Calm offers a range of classes to help you destress or find some sounds to help you quickly snooze off at night.

The Wear OS app now supports third-party Tiles, too, which means you can now add a widget giving you quick access to short guided breathing exercises to get you back to a calmer state again.

7. Komoot

Free (subscription required for full access): Google Play

Wareablekomoot samsung watch galaxy

The mapping platform for hikers, walkers, runners and anyone that likes spending time out in the great outdoors has updated its Wear OS app to be a better fit for Google's OS. There are now two third-party Tile options, as well. 

The first lets you quickly track workouts, and the second offers a place to see Tours, which are recommended places to visit and explore near your current location. Handy stuff.

8. Walk with Map My Walk

Free: Google Play

Wareablemapmywalk app samsung watch

Just because the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 can track runs, swims, HIIT workouts and a whole lot more doesn't mean they can't also be handy if you like to slow things down and monitor your walking.

The Walk with Map My Walk app offers training plans and workout plans and offers real-time updates as you get moving. It's a strong alternative to Samsung's own tracking apps if they don't quite do it for you.

9. Walkie-Talkie

Free: Google Play

Wareablewalkie talkie app samsung

Yes, Apple already did this one, and now, if you've got a friend with a compatible Galaxy Watch, you can use the Samsung smartwatch as a way to have instant chats via the onboard microphone. It can search your contacts for people to chat with and enabling permission to your location will help you search for friends to get talking with over Bluetooth.

10. Outdooractive

Free: Google Play

Wareableoutdooractive galaxy watch

Like Komoot, Outdooractive is another useful app that lets you download hiking and cycling OS maps that can you can store offline when you venture into locations where getting a good phone signal is going to be an issue.

It can make use of Samsung's PPG heart rate monitor to track heart rate and lets you view details like coordinates and elevation data. The third-party Tiles support also means you can swipe to see a handful of recommended routes to check out near to your current location.

11. Citymapper: All Your Transport

Free: Google Play

Wareablecitymapper galaxy watch app

We are probably not alone in saying that Citymapper is one of our favorite apps to get around - and the app for Samsung's Galaxy Watch devices is very well built.

Once you've assigned a city in the phone app, you can choose to let it get you home or to work, giving you step-by-step instructions on trains, buses and other modes of transport. Good travel smartwatch apps need to be easy to use, and this is definitely one of them.

12. Adidas Running

Free (In-app purchases available): Google Play

Wareableadidas running app samsung watch

The Adidas Running app has been knocking around on the Google Play Store for Wear OS watches for a while, and, with Wear OS 3, it's been given a bit of a revamp.

You can view your most recent tracked workouts and log activities beyond running, too. You can use the Galaxy Watch's heart rate monitor to track effort levels, as well as decide whether to keep auto-pause on. Handy for those who don't want to capture those traffic light stops.


Free: Google Play

Wareablebest swimming app for samsung galaxy watch

This is one of the best swimming apps for Wear OS smartwatches, having been rebuilt for Wear OS 3. Once you're all signed up, you can track swims including metrics like distance tracked and heart rate, and it can detect stroke type, too. There are also two options for adding Tiles, letting you see weekly swim progress and details of your most recent swim.

14. Lifesum

Free: Google Play

Wareablelifesum galaxy watch app

There aren't great ways to track your nutrition through Samsung's own app, and LifeSum is one of the simplest calorie-counting options to grab from the Google Play Store.

Aside from being a very simple app to use, it offers dedicated screens to keep track of exercise minutes, calories you have left for the day and keeping track of your water intake.

15. Facer Watch Faces

Free: Google Play

Wareablefacer app samsung galaxy watch

If you're the owner of a shiny new Galaxy Watch, then you need Facer.

The app enables you to add and customize watch faces on the Galaxy Watch, vastly expanding the stock options on the standard experience. Not only can you choose from the massive library, but you can also build your own.

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