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Stryd Live is a foot pod sensor built for Zwift running

New foot pod strips back the metrics and the price

Stryd, makers of one of the first power meters for runners, has launched another foot pod sensor. This time it's ditching the ability to measure power from down low and has designed the wearable to be used with Zwift's new virtual running software.

Unlike the standard Stryd, it loses the ability to measure some of the more advanced running metrics, which include leg stiffness and the all important power metric. That also means it lacks Stryd insights too. Instead it focuses on measuring pace, distance, vertical oscillation and ground contact time.

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The pod has been specifically designed to work with Zwift, who recently launched Run Free Access, which offers runners the ability to train indoors on a treadmill in the same virtual worlds that has been available to cyclists for a few years now. This pod is your means to pair it to the software to track running activity in the experience.

The only other feature that differentiates the two foot pod sensors is the fact that the Stryd Live uses wired USB charging. The Stryd Live costs $100, which is $100 less than the more data-rich Stryd. It does mean it's still more expensive than the MilestonePod foot pod sensor, which is also optimised to work with Zwift Run Free Access and is a much cheaper option at $29.95. So it's a bit surprising that Stryd hasn't gone lower on the price.

If you're into the idea of virtual running, the Stryd Live is available to buy now from the company's website. It's a limited edition version apparently, so it sounds like there'll only be a certain amount up for grabs if you want one.

stryd live release date price specs

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Wareable may get a commission

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  • alehel says:

    Your article doesn't mention the fact that owners of a Stryd Live can purchase a firmware upgrade which turns their Stryd Live into a regular Stryd (without the wireless charging) for $100. So if you want to upgrade to the full version you don't have to buy a new pod for full price. Also, another good reason to get this over the Milestone Pod is that it has extremely good accuracy without calibration. At my gym all the treadmills are old and they all give different numbers for what feels like the same speed. A foot pod where I don't have to worry about calibration is therefore great. 

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