Runscribe Plus opens up with Garmin integration and other new tricks

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Runscribe offers a whole host of data on your running, including impact, footstrike and running efficiency, but the big problem is it's all been proprietary. Until now you had to use Runscribe's software. That's no longer the case with the newly announced Runscribe Plus.

The new device looks almost identical to the previous iteration, save for the new "Plus" branding right there on the front. The biggest change is that all that sweet data is being opened up, so you can now get real-time metrics on over 20 Garmin watches via Connect IQ and ANT/ANT+. Your metrics will also be viewable on Garmin Connect.

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If Garmin isn't your bag, there's also an open API that'll allow aggregate data to work on Suunto Spartan watches. As for the app, that's been updated with start/stop/pause/resume/lap for more control over your run and a travel mode that'll save some juicy battery life while you transport it around.

Everything else you know and love about Runscribe is still here. You'll still get tracking and analyzation of the motion, efficiency, power, symmetry and shock of your run, which includes metrics like shock Gs, flight ratio, stride rate, foot strike type, and running power.

Each Runscribe Plus set comes with two footpods that the company says will get over 16 hours of battery life per charge, a dual charger and USB cable, laces mounts, heel mounts, and of course a Runscribe account you can use with the companion iOS and Android apps.

If you pre-order, you can expect to see your Runscribe Plus arrive in early October. Over at Runscribe's website you can pre-order for a discounted $199 (original price $249).

Runscribe Plus opens up with Garmin integration and other new tricks

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