Polar Vantage V and M owners can now pump training data into Final Surge

Put your performance metrics to use with the online training and coaching platform
Polar Vantage watches work with Final Surge
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If you're a serious athlete, there's a good chance you know about Final Surge. If not, it's best to think of it as a TrainingPeaks-like training platform for runners, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers and coaches.

Those active users who own a Polar Vantage V, Vantage V Titan or Vantage M watch will be happy to hear that the two will now play nicely together. Polar has rolled out support for Final Surge letting users of its sport watches sync workouts to the platform by linking it to your Polar Flow account.

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To sync workout data from your Polar device to Final Surge you'll first need to log into your Polar Flow account. Next, head to settings and locate the Final Surge link that should now be present to connect your account.

Once the connection is completed, information, including heart rate, running power, cadence and GPS coordinates, will be automatically transferred to your Final Surge account. Then, that data can be analysed by the athlete or coaches to better optimise training sessions.

Final Surge's support for running power is particularly interesting, as this was the headline feature for the Vantage V when it launched last year. It remains the only watch that promises to punch out the new training metric for runners straight from the wrist without the need for a foot pod.

The Vantage V is also the natural successor to the V800, a sports watch that is often found on the wrists of serious athletes but was well overdue an upgrade. So, news of Final Surge integration will no doubt strengthen Polar's claim to be the go-to choice for those that really love their training metrics.

Polar Vantage V and M owners can now pump training data into Final Surge