​MyKronoz launches new budget smartwatches – and AirPods alternatives

MyKronoz targeting the super low cost market
​MyKronoz launches budget AirPod rivals
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MyKronoz is back with a bunch of new budget wearables, including an AirPods rival and two new smartwatches - all for less than $100.

First up is the ZeNeo, a smartwatch/fitness band hybrid with a built-in speaker and microphone that resembles the original Gear Fit from way back in 2014. It’s got a heart rate monitor and a 1.14 inch rectangular screen with a 240 x 240 resolution LCD screen. It will retail for $59.99 and go on sale in April 2019.

Then comes the ZeRound 3 and Round3 Lite. The company’s more standard looking smartwatch is pitched towards an "active user" – although aside from a heart rate monitor doesn’t seem to have any discernible fitness features. Both feature a 1.2-inch screen with the ZeRound 3 Lite opting for a 240 x 240 IPS-LCD screen and the ZeRound 3 using a more generous 390 x 390 AMOLED display. The ZeRound 3 Lite will cost 79.99 and the fill ZeRound $99.99.

MyKronoz launches new budget smartwatches – and AirPods alternatives

Last up there’s a budget fitness tracker – the ZeTrack – which offers a 0.96” 128 x 64 IPS colour screen and heart rate monitor for just $29.99.

New ZePods - a cheap AirPod alternative

While MyKronoz has always been about smartwatches, the company is also offering a pretty strong AirPods clone, the ZePods. The wireless earbuds are available in a bunch of colours - and come in a charging case – and the ZePods+ also support QI wireless charging as well as USB-C. The ZePods themselves offer 5 hours of battery life, with 15 hours extra from the charging case. They cost $79.99 and $99.99 for the wireless charging version.

MyKronoz launches new budget smartwatches – and AirPods alternatives