Jins Meme smartglasses to get western exposure at CES

Lifestyle tracking Google Glass alternative to get Vegas demo
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Tokyo based Jins will show off its Meme smartglasses over in Vegas next month at CES 2015. But while the phrase 'smartglasses' automatically throws up a suggestion of a new Google Glass rival, the Jins Meme smart eyewear has more in common with the likes of Jawbone and Lumo.

That's because the Jins Meme specs don't provide an AR experience for their wearers, instead they use bio-sensing tech to detect tiny changes in a user's eye and body movements in order to track and alert on safety, fitness and health. By reading the Electro Oculography the accompanying smartphone app is able to track things like tiredness and alert drivers who may be about to drift off.

The company claims that "80% of human senses is centered in and around the head, nearly 90% of the information from your five senses is said to be perceived through the eyes."

EOG electrodes built into the base of the frames and in the nose pads can detect blinks and eye movement in eight directions and the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors along the earpiece monitor body axis and walking pattern.

Already available in Japan, Jins - who specialise in polarised glasses for sports as well as fashionable prescription frames - will be demoing the device to western audiences for the first time at CES 2015.

“Since launching Jins in 2001, we have encouraged people to change the way they view the world, to enrich their lives and unlock new experiences through eyewear," said Hitoshi Tanaka, CEO of the company.

"We have challenged the historical limitations of eyewear, introducing a range of innovative glasses that move beyond vision correction to help solve problems of daily life.”

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