Jawbone UP Move gets a high-fashion BaubleBar update

The fitness tracker collaborates with BaubleBar for bracelet style wearable
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One of the smartest things a company can do to stay relevant is design wearable tech that women want. Jawbone is making the right move by partnering with high-fashion accessory maker BaubleBar for a line of connected bracelets that will put a little bling in your step.

The BaubleBar Tech line includes three different models, each with two different color options. Inside the box-like bracelet charm sits a Jawbone UP Move device, which tracks your steps, sleep, and calories burned.

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Outside the box sits gold plated, crystal infused jewellery that disguises any semblance of tech. On the back, there is a hidden compartment that is specially customised to hold the UP Move.

The Disco, Tango, and Salsa each have a different style. The Tango is more minimalist with no crystals on the box, while the Salsa sports a few crystals on the side, and the Disco is covered in sparkles.

If you already own a Jawbone UP Move, you can make it shine with one of BaubleBar's bracelets for between $45 and $65 and are available from both the fashion jewelry website and the fitness tracker website. If you don't already own an UP Move, you can tack on $20 for the combo.

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As fashion-friendly wearable tech becomes more popular, these types of collaborations make a lot of sense. Tech companies and accessory makers can work together to bring fashion to wearables in a way that fits both industries.

Check out the photo gallery to see the different styles that BaubleBar and Jawbone have to offer.


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