New York Standard Watch brings the smarts with its new hybrid collections

NYSW goes big on discreet smartwatch features
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New York Standard Watch is the latest watchmaker to embrace the tech with its collection of hybrids that aims to blend connected smarts with classic watch design.

The Manhattan, SoHo and Times Square hybrid collections all feature 42mm watch cases with a classic analogue dial, an Italian leather strap and a Swarovski crystal. On the dial you'll be able to spot a calendar, second hand and three sub-dials to display additional data.

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In terms of smarts, all of the watches will be able to track steps, calories and the standard basic fitness tracking data. You won't be able to view notifications, but a haptic nudge will let you know someone is trying to get in touch. From the companion smartphone app you'll also be able to set up multiple daily reminders for drinking water or downing your pills as well as syncing global and DST time.

"Let's face it, the majority of fitness wearables aren't very attractive, and still look like smartwatches – not actual watches," said David Luk, the creator of the NYSW collections. "Furthermore, wearing a fine timepiece and a wearable simultaneously can be burdensome. We set out to design and build a timepiece with all the functionality of a well-designed fitness wearable and the beauty of a classic wrist watch. After more than a year of development, we have attained success."

The new NYSW hybrid watches are going to be available for $189 until mid-December before jumping up to $380. If you're interested, you can part with your cash at


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