The best hearables and smart wireless earbuds you can buy right now

From Bragi Dash to Gear IconX, what's on sale and what's coming this year

Ears are an increasingly popular place for wearable tech to sit, with a number of smart headphone and hearable startups now entering the space.

And it's a busy time for the category, showing the appetite is definitely there for fitness coaches, personal assistants and language translators in our ear, with no bulky wrist accessory or cumbersome display necessary.

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Below, we'll explore devices which actually exist and that we've already tested, like the Bragi Dash Pro and Samsung Gear IconX 2018.

But in case you're not quite ready to buy your first connected ear accessory just yet, we've also detailed the smart earbuds and hearables to look forward to for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

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Best hearable: Bragi Dash Pro

The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

Bragi's update to the original Dash takes everything we loved about the original and ups the ante. It's now got five hours of battery life rather than three. It's got real-time translation thanks to iTranslate, a '4D menu' that lets you use head gestures to navigate menus (a little complicated, but a nice proof of concept), and automatic activity training. An update also added Alexa support, for additional smarts.

The new model easily comes out on top in fit and comfort as Bragi is offering a (more expensive) custom-molded version, in partnership with hearing aid company Starkey. If you opt for that, you're getting a far better fit than anything else on this list. Go for the regular Bragi Dash Pro and they're still perfectly snug.

It also has all those same solid fitness tracking features as the original Dash, including run and swim tracking, plus the waterproof design along with the built-in music player make it our go-to model for swimming too. We found the heart rate monitor accuracy falls short of the Jabra Sport Elite, though, with the Dash trailing behind the chest strap by a lengthy margin as we hit the highest intensity.

Bragi comes out number one not only for being the most feature-rich hearable on our list, but for giving us fewest reasons to remove its hearable from our ears. And that's how it should be. Overall, the Dash Pro is an impressively smart hearable, even if the fitness tracking left us a little unsatisfied in testing. Word of warning: It is sold out on Bragi's website, though you can still find it on Amazon.

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From $329, Amazon |

Highly commended: Apple AirPods

The best hearables and smart wireless earbuds you can buy right now

AirPods aren't quite smart enough to be a true "hearable" just yet, more of a gateway drug and a taste of things to come. And while they might look silly, and not sound quite as good as some of the other buds on this list, there are plenty of reasons to like what they offer.

The Pods are compatible with the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, finding a connection instantly and pausing/resuming music as you take them out/put them in your ears. That's down to the optical sensors and a motion accelerometer that we anticipate could also unlock fitness tracking features in the future.

A double tap unlocks Siri to turn the volume up and down hands-free although the smart assistant integration is still something that can get better. Battery life is around the five hour mark and you do have that charging case to keep them topped up on the move.

The more streamlined hearable approach definitely works in Apple's favour. They just work and if you can live without more impressive features like fitness tracking or augmented audio, then they're well worth considering.

We're expecting the AirPods 2 with 'Hey Siri' voice controls, wireless charging, noise cancelling and water resistance. They've been rumored to come out since last year, like alongside the Apple Watch Series 4 in September, but it seems like the second gen earbuds will finally arrive in the first half of 2019.

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$159, Amazon |

Best Apple AirPods alternative: Samsung Gear IconX (2018)

The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

Dropping before the turn of the year, Samsung's second generation smart earbuds, the Gear IconX 2018, brought the Korean company's smart assistant Bixby plus battery life which blitzes the closest competition – five hours of streaming music over Bluetooth, seven hours of standalone use and up to four hours of talk time.

Even if you have a non-Samsung Android smartphone in your pocket, the buds will tap into Google Assistant, but unfortunately there's once again zero support for iOS users here.

They have a snug fit and the wingtips sit comfortably inside your ears. We had no problem keeping these lodged in during workouts. We also really appreciate how they detect when you're putting them in or taking them out, powering up/off accordingly.

Like the Bragi Dash Pro, Samsung has its own version of 'ambient sound', allowing a certain amount of outside noise to pass through while your music continues. In practice, we found the passthrough much better on the Here One, but it still works fine on the Icon X.

The successor to the IconX, the Galaxy Buds, are on the way so if you're looking to get the IconX you may want to wait until after Samsung announces them at the 20 February Unpacked event.

Wareable verdict: Samsung Gear IconX (2018) review

$149.99, Amazon |

Best for translation: Waverly Labs Pilot

The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

Waverly Labs' Pilot crowdfunding campaign built up a lot of hype, raising a total of $4.5 million. Essentially designed to be a pair of Babel Fish earbuds, offering real-time audio translation of 15 languages (plus regional dialects), we were consistently impressed with how the Pilot was able to accurately convert languages. It's not perfect just yet – for example, it still finds noisy environments tough to work in – but Waverly Labs' first generation sets the foundations for deeper translation smarts in the future.

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It's not just its base smarts that are the selling point, either, with the Pilot also offering one of the more comfortable fits and sleekest designs on the market. And when you're not out on the streets translating, its excellent audio quality will ensure that these become your go-to earbuds when listening to music.

In terms of rollout, the startup began its first batch of deliveries to backers in December, with the rest being shipped out before the hearable hits the retail market this summer.

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Best for augmented audio: Nuheara IQbuds

The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

Nuheara raised ten times its crowdfunding target and started shipping out units of its smart IQbuds last year. Like the now-deceased Here Ones, these wireless buds focus on altering your experience of hearing the world, packing in noise cancelling and letting you mix your own balance between your music and the real world.

When we tested the IQbuds, we liked the sound quality, audio blending features and range of presets but were disappointed by music playback controls and battery life. If you're looking to grab a pair, note that Nuheara also has the IQbuds Boost, which can learn and adapt to your hearing profile.

We haven't tried out the Boost yet, but when we do we'll make sure to return and see if it really is a big upgrade over the original IQbuds.

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$269, Amazon |

Best for running: Jabra Elite Sport

The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

The wireless Elite Sport seem to do it all – real-time coaching, heart rate sensing and VO2 Max testing, plus sweat and waterproofing. Extras include audio pass-through (so you can pay attention to the world around you) and easy switching between calls and music.

In initial testing, we found the sports tracking, comfort and sound quality to be solid, but the HR tracking and charging case to be questionable. However, a software update has rectified some of these issues, as well as bumping the battery life up considerably.

If you prefer an option with wires, then you should definitely check out the Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition headphones too. They also offer stellar sound, but crucially offer more reliable heart rate tracking in comparison to the Elite Sport.

Wareable verdict: Jabra Elite Sport review

$219.99, Amazon |

Running hearable alternatives


The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

The self-learning hearable, which raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter, offers real time coaching based on a user's own physiology. It'll interpret data to deliver actionable insights, such as weight loss optimisation, exhaustion level management and even running technique. Plus audio performance is aided, thanks to a partnership with Harman Kardon.

In testing, we found that Vi offered good heart rate tracking and the AI coach can be useful – aside from occasional bugs, our only real beef was that the voice detection is too uneven.

The device itself looks like a standard pair of behind-the-neck running headphones, while GPS is tracked via a connection with your smartphone. Speaking of which, you can't use these to track exercise without having your phone with you. That might be a turn-off for some.

Overall, there's lots of potential here, and new features (such as treadmill tracking) have rolled out to the hearable. If you're into running and being coached to become a better runner, then these are worthy of your attention.

Wareable verdict: LifeBEAM Vi review

$99, Amazon |

Oakley Radar Pace

The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

Yep, the Radar Pace are a pair of sports shades with a hearable attached. Expensive, sure, but in our review we were very impressed by the coaching credentials. The conversational AI is awesome and learns your habits over time, though the occasional voice command is missed and it does need to pair with your phone to work.

Wareable verdict: Oakley Radar Pace review

$449, Amazon |

Best smart assistant: Sony Xperia Ear Duo

The best hearables and smart wireless earbuds you can buy right now

The Xperia Ear Duo is Sony's latest take on the hearable, and it may be one of the more unique you can get. Instead of covering your ear, the Ear Duo features a circular cutout that lets the outside world in. It automatically adjusts the volume so that you can hear the world and what you're listening to with some balance - and it works really well.

The Ear Duo is compatible with both Google Assistant and Siri, but what gives it an edge in the assistant game is Sony's Assistant. It can read you information based on the location, time and you activity. When we stepped out in the morning, it would greet us and give us the news. While they do look a bit dorky, there is no other hearable with better assistant powers.

Wareable verdict: Sony Xperia Ear Dup review

$199.99, Amazon |


Here's what's coming next in the world of hearables. Some are crowdfunding projects, some are concepts, and some are announcements from bigger companies that haven't materialised as real products yet.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The best hearables and smart wireless earbuds you can buy right now

Samsung's Gear IconX predecessor is almost here. We don't know a whole lot about what features they have, but it does look like they've undergone a slight redesign. We're also speculating that they may come with wireless charging.

Nuheara LiveIQ

The best hearables and smart wireless earbuds you can buy right now

Nuheara is currently developing LiveIQ buds, which are focused on noise cancellation, helping you block out the sound no matter your environment. The IQBuds Boost will set you back $449, while the LiveIQ buds will be under $200 and will ship at some point in 2019.


MyManu Clik

The best hearables and smart earbuds you can buy right now

We saw many translation hearables dropping just before the turn of the year, though the MyManu Clik managed to get out slightly ahead and begin shipments of its buds in October 2017.

The difference between fellow crowdfunding success Pilot and Clik is that this UK startup's hearables will be able to translate 37 languages in real time. Language packs are synced and stored on the buds, which can detect the language someone is speaking after a sentence. Yep, it doesn't need a data connection.

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The translation buds are available to order through its website, though beware of the lengthy wait before expected delivery.


Bose Frames

The best hearables and smart wireless earbuds you can buy right now

Alright, so technically the Bose Frames are out now - the problem is that they're just sunglasses that play audio right now. They're not quite hearables and they don't do anything that's too smart - yet. Eventually, Bose wants to update the Frames with the ability to do audio augmented reality, communication with Alexa and Google Assistant, and have apps like Yelp give you recommendations. That stuff still isn't ready yet, though we did get a chance to try 'em out last year.


Soul Blade

The best hearables and smart wireless earbuds you can buy right now

Soul Electronics is one-upping its already impressive Run Free Bio Pro smart running headphones by making them truly wireless. It uses the same tech to capture a bunch of running data, like cadence, symmetry, step length and more. It also has a heart rate monitor, fast charging, 96 hours of battery life and an IPX7 weatherproof design. It'll be hitting IndieGoGo in the next couple of months.

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