Philips launches new line of health wearables

The Health Watch is joined by a host of new devices listed with the FDA
Philips launches family of connected devices
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Philips has launched a new line of health wearables, as the company gets serious about wearable devices.

The new line consists of the medical grade Philips Health Watch, which we covered back in April, as well as connected scales, a blood pressure monitor and connected ear thermometer.

Philips is attempting to differentiate itself from the rest of the wearable market by opting for accuracy over style, and has gotten FDA listing for its devices.

As we previously reported, the Philips Health Watch is a $250 wearable that monitors a host of biometric data. It keeps tabs on continuous optical heart rate monitor to check resting heart rate as well as resting respiration rate.

While Philips is pitching this as a medical grade device, it's still clearly a lifestyle device. It will track steps, sleep calories, active time and sedentary time, as well as running, albeit without GPS.

Philips claims that this watch is a medical device designed to "help prevent lifestyle induced chronic conditions."

Other than the health watch, there's a host of devices that make up a new suite of Philips Health Devices. There's a connected blood pressure monitor ($99.99) and a smart scales that double as a fat analysing body monitor (also $99.99), which works­ just like the Withings Body Cardio and Garmin offerings. Finally, there's a smart thermometer ($59.99).

Each of these health devices feed their data into the new HealthSuite app. The app has been redesigned to focus on goals, and users are encouraged to submit a single target to focus on. It's designed to aid stickiness and stop users getting bored of their device, and they'll be treated to tips and health insights along the way.

The new suite is available now, and we'll be testing out the whole suite as soon as humanly possible.