Nuyu wellness system connects you with all of your daily activities

Track it all with this step counter, scale, and sleep monitor
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Health o Meter has announced a wellness system, Nuyu, that includes an activity tracker, wireless scale, coaching program, and sleep monitor mat.

When synced with the free smartphone app for iOS or Android, your every waking (and sleeping) moments are collected.

Nuyu wellness system connects you with all of your daily activities

The $50 Personal Activity Tracker keeps track of steps, calories, distance, and sleep, which are synced to the free Nuyu smartphone app.

The OLED touch screen displays the data so you don't have to sync it constantly with your phone. It runs on a replaceable coin cell battery, the kind you use in traditional watches, so you won't be constantly worried about whether you have enough juice for the next run.

It comes with a rubberized wristband and a separate clip (available in seven different colors) that you can attach to your belt, or even shoelace. It is water resistant up to 30m.

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Nuyu wellness system connects you with all of your daily activities

The $50 wireless scale syncs with the same app via Bluetooth. Once connected, all you have to do is step on the scale and the information will automatically be sent to your smartphone.

The glass scale supports up to 400lbs and weighs in 0.1lb increments. The LED display only activates when you step on the scale and disappears when you step off of it. It is available in black and white.

Nuyu wellness system connects you with all of your daily activities

In October, Health o Meter will also launch a Sleep System, which is a temperature controlled mat that sits under you while you sleep. Based on your age, weight, and room temperature, the mat adjusts to your temperature goals.

Using a water system, it warms you up when you fall asleep. Then, it cools you down during the night and warms you back up again in the morning. With the Nuyu app, you can track your sleep cycles as well. The Sleep System mat will retail for $500.

To tie it all together, Health o Meter is launching a 12-week Coaching Plan designed to help you achieve your goals. Each plan includes a nutrition program, suggestions for what to eat, including a weekly shopping list, suggestions for daily exercises, including workout videos, and more.

The personalised virtual coach provides recommendations based on your activity data and goals.

The Coaching Plans will be available in October for $19.99 in the form of in-app purchases in the Nuyu app, or gift cards available on Amazon.

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