Best wearables for yoga: Top tech and apps to stay fit and flexible

Here's the kit that wants to smarten up your time on the yoga mat

Fitting some yoga into your daily routine can help lower stress, improve posture, help you sleep better, get you that bit more flexible and generally make you feel a little less moody.

The other great thing about yoga is that you don't need a lot of equipment to do it. Find some free space in your home or outdoors (if you're feeling brave), grab a mat and be prepared to stretch your body a lot and work on your breathing.

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So what's on offer? Below, we take a look at the current crop of yoga friendly wearables available now and see what's coming in the future. It's never been easier to find your inner peace.

Fitbit Charge 2

Best wearables for yoga: Top tech and apps to stay fit and flexible

The Fitbit Charge 2 is one of a few wearables that offer consistent yoga tracking. You just have to add it to your set of exercises via the companion app, and once you do you'll be able to accurately track your calories and heart rate during your session.

Fitbit also owns FitStar, which sorta runs the popular FitStar Yoga app. The company hasn't updated the app since August 2016, but it still certainly has some expertise in yoga that it's brought over to the Charge 2's yoga tracking.

$149.95, | Amazon

Misfit Shine 2

Best wearables for yoga: Top tech and apps to stay fit and flexible

So you don't want something on your wrist distracting you while you're finding your calm. Perhaps you want something a little more discreet, something you can attach to your shoes or leggings or whatever else.

In that case, the Shine 2 may be the best bet for you. It comes with a clip that you can attach to bits of clothing or other body parts for more discreet tracking. It's also not so big that it'll become a distraction. And if you do want to switch over to the wrist, you can always pop it into the wrist band.

$79.99, | Amazon

Pocket Yoga

Best wearables for yoga: Top tech and apps to stay fit and flexible

If you're a self-teaching yoga beginner, you know how frustrating it can be. Here you are trying to follow along on your iPad or computer, but your positions are taking your head in a manner of different directions. You can't stare at a singular spot to follow along all the time, can you?

Enter Pocket Yoga, which allows you to keep track of your workout on your Apple Watch or Android Wear device. You can see the current pose, how long you have left and your heart rate and calories burned. You can also control your workout right there on your watch. Plus, Pocket Yoga has about 27 different courses that vary by difficulty, so you can work your way through all of them at your own pace.

$2.99, App Store | Google Play

Nadi X

Wearable X's Nadi X Pants and Pulse are a line of yoga clothes that react to your body. They're embedded with technology that senses how you're moving and uses haptic vibrations to correct your movements.

So, for example, if your form is off around your hips or knees, the vibrations there will signal to you that you need to tighten up, or move a certain way. Everything syncs to your smartphone app, iOS or Android, and the pants basically work by themselves.

The clothes are available in four sizes and four colours – midnight, midnight gray, black and white, and navy gray. While you can order them now, they don't start shipping until August.


SmartMat Yoga Mat

Okay, so it's not technically a wearable, but this intelligent yoga mat could save you having to pay for yoga classes. Once you've calibrated the mat to learn your body shape and size, it's able to focus on correcting alignment, balance and helping you achieve that perfect pose.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices to store and monitor progress on the companion app, it has dedicated modes for when you're having a private session at home or when you need to move to class mode. It promises six hours of battery life and, crucially, rolls up just like a regular yoga mat.

Pre-orders are sold out through next year, though, so you'll have to wait a while before you're able to get your hands on one.


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