Best wearables for yoga: Top tech and apps to stay fit and flexible

Here's the kit that wants to smarten up your time spent on the yoga mat
The best wearables for yoga

Fitting some yoga into your daily routine can help lower stress, improve posture, help you sleep better, get you feeling more flexible and generally make you feel a little less moody.

The great thing about yoga is that you don't need a lot of equipment to do it. Find some free space in your home or outdoors (if you're feeling brave), grab a mat and be prepared to stretch your body and work on your breathing.

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It's no surprise that wearable startups and big name companies are eyeing up the potential of smartening up one of the most popular ways to keep fit.

So what's on offer? We take a look at the current crop of yoga friendly wearables available now and see what's coming in the future.


This yoga friendly smart clothing line has one aim and that's to make sure you're exercising correctly. Using an array of five motion sensors that fit inside a machine washable pair of exercise leggings or a shirt, the setup will be able to track movements including repetitions, range of motion and power in real time.

Those sensors will be able to offer instant feedback to improve form and can even tell you when to stop if you've over exerted yourself. Enflux raised the sufficient funds on Kickstarter to bring it to life and is expected to ship by March 2017.

$399, Getenflux, Kickstarter

Microsoft Band 2

The constantly improving second gen fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid is one of the few that lets you add guided workouts from the Microsoft Health app to play out on the Band 2.

From the app, you can select or download a host of different workouts, including yoga, with varying difficulty levels developed by the likes of Gold's Gym, Shape Magazine, Men's Fitness and Muscle & Fitness.

Once a workout is downloaded and synced, simply hit the workout Tile on the Band 2 and you'll see details of the exercise along with data duration and heart rate readings.

$174.99, Microsoft | Amazon


Still very much a concept, Sydney based studio Wearable Experiments has devised a pair of smart tights that can interact with the skin through haptic vibrations.

Each vibration of Nadi adapts to the body's position, communicating feedback to guide correct posture and form. The tights sync up to an Android app, (iOS available later), that can be paired to monitor form and alignment based on a range of user movement. Other features of the app include recommended poses to help improve form and flow.

There's no details on price, availability or even a release date as of yet, so Nadi follows the likes of the FOX Alert Shirt, Durex Fundawear and Navigation Jacket in Wearable Experiments' growing conceptual design arsenal.

Wearable Experiments

FitStar Yoga

The fitness platform dedicated to creating personal workouts was recently snapped up by Fitbit, so it's no surprise to hear that the two play nicely together. You can sync FitStar data to the Fitbit companion app with the same option available to Jawbone UP users as well.

Fitbit of course recently introduced the Blaze, a smart fitness watch that offers step-by-step workouts on the colour touchscreen display. Currently, there's only 3 available workouts and that doesn't include yoga (which you can get via the iOS FitStar Yoga app). Fitbit has told us that it plans to add more FitStar workouts in the future, so here's hoping yoga is top of that list.


SmartMat Yoga Mat

Okay, so it's not technically a wearable but this intelligent yoga mat could save you having to pay for yoga classes. Once you've calibrated the mat to learn your body shape and size, it's able to focus on correcting alignment, balance and achieving that perfect pose.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices to store and monitor progress on the companion app, it has dedicated modes for when you're having a private session at home or when you need to move to class mode. It promises six hours of battery life and, crucially, rolls up just like a regular yoga mat.

$447, Indiegogo

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