Bellabeat's Leaf Urban brings stress tracking to smart jewellery line

The wait list for this smaller, water friendly tracker is open now
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The Bellabeat Leaf Urban is a new smaller, redesigned wearable to add to Bellabeat's line of lifestyle trackers for the connected woman. It's water resistant - a big request from users of the first Leaf - as it's made from a composite of wood and eco-plastic instead of all natural wood.

There's a new clip, aiming to appeal to the fashion crowd, and the Leaf Urban can still be worn on a bracelet, slightly tweaked and now more sustainable, and necklace accessories. It comes in two styles - silver, which costs $129, and rose gold/black which will be $149 and more bracelet and accessory styles are promised. Nice and light at 16.5g, it's 11.5mm thick to the original Leaf's 13mm and 2mm smaller widthways too.

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Bellabeat's big selling point as a lifestyle wearable was that the first Leaf tracks your periods and encourages meditation as well as handling activity and sleep monitoring. And as of 1 August, it's combining data from all these areas into an overview visualisation of how prepared you are to deal with stress.

Are you ready?

Bellabeat's Leaf Urban brings stress tracking to smart jewellery line

This new feature, based on in-house algorithms and existing user data, will also launch on the original Leaf, now referred to as the Leaf Nature to avoid confusion. In the app, you'll see a shape representing your stress - if it's small and green, you're ready to face stressful situations.

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If it's bigger and orange or red, you're more likely to be stressed and the shape will move towards one of the corners to show why this might be - lack of sleep, lack of activity, where you are in your menstrual cycle and whether you've done any meditation/mindfulness exercises.

There's no additional biometric sensors, like rivals Zenta or Feel, as Bellabeat is focusing on wearability and believes helping us to prepare for stress is more useful than simply telling us we're stressed. Another related addition is meditation goals - beforehand you could simply access exercises.

You can join the waiting list for pre-orders over at Bellabeat's website now - pre-orders are set to open in August with shipping by the end of that month. We've just received our Leaf Urban sample so look out for a review once the stress tracking features have gone live.

Bellabeat's Leaf Urban brings stress tracking to smart jewellery line

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