Beddit is phasing out its old devices, but giving users a free upgrade

Pre-Beddit 3 devices will soon be incompatible with the app
Beddit phasing out old devices
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Sleep tracker company Beddit has confirmed it is currently phasing out older iterations of its sleep sensor, and offering users a free upgrade to the latest Beddit 3.

The company told us it's contacting users of older devices via email and in-app messages (so look out for it) to inform them that their Beddit will soon be incompatible with the latest software. However, it is also offering these customers a free bump-up to the latest device.

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"With 80% of our user base already using Beddit 3, putting resources towards supporting the older product generations was holding back our grand design for solving sleep," Eliot Baker, content and communications lead at Beddit, told Wareable over email.

"Beddit 3 is the future and as a small company we're able to move fast into that future. Beddit 3 is the only viable tool to achieve our goals and advance our mission to solve sleep."

Eliot said the company is contacting customers "in batches" rather than all at once, so if you're using an older iteration of Beddit and haven't heard anything yet, hold tight.

We really liked the Beddit 3 in testing, and it's a shame the company has to throw its old devices on the garbage heap, but it's great to see Beddit is offering a quick, free upgrade rather than leaving users hung out to dry.

Beddit is phasing out its old devices, but