Shot Scope band is bidding to raise your golf game from the wrist

...and lower that handicap with 100 statistical insights and automatic shot-tracking
Shot Scope band aims to raise golf game
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There's not exactly a shortage of golf wearables, but unlike a Garmin Approach or TomTom Golfer watch, the Shot Scope band promises to help both amateur and pro golfers see a difference in all aspects of their game.

The Shot Scope band, which looks a bit like an Adidas Fit Smart minus the screen, prefers to live in the background collecting data on your round so you can focus on striking the ball cleanly and without interruption.

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So how does it work? With the wearable around the wrist, you'll also need to insert a set of unique tags into the grip of each club in your bag. Once you're playing, Shot Scope's ClubSense technology can automatically detect which club you're using. So there's no need to manually record data, as with the GameGolf tracker we took out for a play last year.

There's also GPS on board as well, which means you can track your position on the course and locate the pin position on every green.

When you're finished hauling yourself around the entire course, data can then be synced over Bluetooth and reviewed back on a smartphone or tablet via the companion app. There's also a web platform if you'd prefer to review data from a computer.

Shot Scope claims to deliver over 100 statistics, focusing on areas like short game putting, tee shots and individual hole analysis. You can also use those stats (the best ones of course) competitively to take on other users in the community or your golf buddies, whether that's battling for the longest drive or simply seeing who's played the most rounds.

The Shot Scope band is currently on pre-order sale from the Shot Scope for a reduced price of $225. That price will jump to £225 (no final US price yet) when it goes on sale from April 2016. We'll hopefully have some time to test it before then to let you know what it's made of.