Garmin TruSwing brings real time shot metrics to the course

Golf sensor teams up with Approach watches to coach your game
Garmin TruSwing adds real time metrics
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Garmin is already a big name on the golf course, with its Approach watches and range finders proving incredibly popular amongst amateur swingers. Now the GPS giant is taking aim at Zepp with the all new Garmin TruSwing sensor.

TruSwing offers a plethora of detailed real-time metrics on your technique, which can be automatically displayed on compatible Approach devices and the Garmin Connect app.

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The sensor, which weighs just 28g, clips onto the shaft of your club and monitors swing tempo, speed, club-path measurements, trajectories, club angles, impact points, dynamic loft and more.

It will paint a picture of your action, quite literally - on the Garmin Connect app you'll be able to see 3D animations of your swing. You can even put two swings together, playing them back at the same time in order to work out what went wrong or right (though let's face it, it's probably wrong).

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If you're syncing it up with your Garmin golf watch, you'll get the stats in number form directly on your wrist, with a range of different displays on offer. If you are teaming it with an S6, you'll get the extra info pulled in from the golf watch's sensors as well.

Garmin Connect is the place you'll hit for super in-depth analysis, with your whole round (or session at the driving range) displayed with rich detail. You'll also be able to see the clubs you're hitting sweetly and the ones that need some work.

Garmin Approach S6
Garmin Approach S6

"TruSwing gives golfers a unique training experience unlike anything else that's on the market," said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.

"It provides golfers the information they need to improve their swing within seconds; it's almost like having their own personal golf pro available 24/7."

Garmin TruSwing is available to buy now, and it costs $149.99. It's compatible with the S4 and S6 watches and the G7 and G8 rangefinders.

It's part of Garmin's refreshed golf tech lineup, which also includes the new Garmin Approach S20.