Garmin Venu 3 and Venu 3S arrive with all-new Sleep Coach and automatic nap tracking

The $449 smartwatch takes aim at the competition
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Garmin has unveiled the next generation of its smartwatch series - the Venu 3 and Venu 3S - alongside an all-new Sleep Coach and automatic nap-time detection. You can read our full Garmin Venu 3 deep dive.

The Venu 3 watches retain much of the same styling as the Venu 2 Plus released last year, though the release of an 'S' edition means there are now two separate sizes - 45mm and 41mm - as there was with the Venu 2.

The watches will both retail for $449.99 / £449.99, with the Venu 3 available in black or white and the Venu 3S coming in black, grey, sage, pink or ivory.

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Sleep it off

The headline additions are related to sleep, with the new Sleep Coach appearing on a Garmin watch for the first time. The Venu 3 watches will also be the first from the company to register naps automatically - finally. 

Sleep Coach works similarly to what we've seen from devices like the Whoop 4.0 and Oura Gen 3, establishing a baseline of how much sleep you normally need - initially based on age group before becoming more personalized over time - and then highlighting whether you reached this goal.

This will never stray lower than 7 hours or above 9 hours, but your sleep needs will vary depending on activity history, sleep history, HRV and whether or not you had a nap.

Sleep Coach and automatic nap detection will be rolling out to other Garmin devices, the company has said, but it's unclear which will receive the update - or when.


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New sports tracking features

The Venu 3 also catches up on a lot of the sports-focused features that have arrived since the launch of the Venu 2 Plus, as well as general ones like Morning Report and Jet Lag Advisor.

There's the typical addition of a few new niche sports profiles, with features like recovery time estimates, training effect benefit, and the ability to create on-watch intervals also being added.

The wheelchair-specific profiles will remain a Venu 3 exclusive for now, however, as Garmin wants to gain feedback from users before expanding to other devices. 

Interestingly, the Venu 2 Plus' GPS has also been replaced by a multi-GNSS sensor (not Multi-Band), while the Elevate V5 optical heart rate sensor that debuted on the Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro (Gen 2) is also present. 


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Design tweaks

Aside from the case size change, the Venu 3 series looks very similar to the Venu 2 Plus - even adding the microphone and speaker exclusive to those models. 

Battery life has jumped relatively significantly, though, from around 9 days to 14 days (and 10 days on the Venu 3S), with the GPS tracking battery also improving by a couple of hours. 

A curious omission, however, is the lack of ECG support which was also an exclusive feature of the 2 Plus. 

We suspect that this has something to do with the addition of the Elevate V5 heart rate sensor not being approved for ECG use, given that we know the Fenix 7 Pro and Epix Pro's designs are capable but currently going unused.

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