​Garmin Quatix 3 is the ultimate maritime watch for the life aquatic

Must-have sports watch for sailors and fishing fanatics
Get in the sea: Garmin Quatix 3 splash-lands
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Garmin has revealed its Quatix 3 outdoors focused smartwatch, and jam-packed it with a host of nautical and aquatic metrics.

Essentially a revamped Fenix 3, the Quatix pipes in metrics from various maritime reporting systems and boasts metrics for boating and fishing.

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The watch can display data including speed, depth, temperature and wind direction. What's more, you can also drop a man overboard (MOB) waypoint and use the watch to navigate back to that point.

Aside from life-saving features, fishermen can use the watch as a catch log and get a countdown to the end of a competition. Things get even better for sailors with tack assist for data on whether the boat is being headed or lifted, a race countdown timer, distance to the start and whether there's time to burn until you reach the line.

Crucially, its use of GPS and advanced nautical data should make it a darn sight more useful than the recently announced Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 which runs Android Wear.

Aside from those newer features the Quatix 3 uses the same 3-axis accelerometer and compass as the Fenix 3, and tracks multiple sports including running, cycling, hiking, skiing and of course, swimming.

The Quatix 3 should be available in Q1 2016 and is set to cost $599.99, putting it in line with the full Fenix 3 package.

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