Garmin Descent Mk3 surfaces with diver-to-diver messaging and AMOLED display

But you'll have to pair the watch with a dive tranceiver to get the most out of it
Garmin Garmin Descent Mk3
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Garmin has announced the latest generation of its dive watch series, the Descent Mk3, with the new editions boasting AMOLED displays and capable of delivering diver-to-diver messages.

With a design based on the Garmin Fenix 7, the Descent Mk3 range is available in both 43mm and 51mm editions, each rated able to survive and operate in depths of up to 200m.

The pair also boasts up to 48 hours of battery life in dive mode, with the larger of the two variations - only available if you opt for the pricier Descent Mk3i - also borrowing the flashlight feature present on the Fenix 7 Pro released earlier this year.

It also becomes the latest lineup in the long list of Garmin watches to receive its AMOLED display panel over the last 12 months - joining the Forerunner 265, Forerunner 965, Vivoactive 5, Approach S70, MARQ (Gen 2), and Epix Pro (Gen 2).

GarminGarmin Descent Mk3 series

And while that much-improved display will no doubt be a welcome addition for divers, the most helpful new feature appears to be integration with Garmin's 'SubWave' sonar communication technology - though this is only available if you choose one of the Mk3i editions.


Landing in a future software update, and made possible when the dive watch is combined with the also-new Descent T2 transceiver, this allows users to send pre-set messages to fellow divers within 30m, as well as call for assistance from other connected divers and monitor their depth and distance.

As you would expect, the Descent Mk3 range also offers all the same premium Garmin features you would expect from the company's top-of-the-line models.

That means you'll still be able to use the dive watch to power your training with insights like Endurance Score, Hill Score, Jet Lag Adviser, and sleep monitoring, while features like Training Readiness have also been rebranded as 'Dive Readiness'. 

The 43mm edition of the Descent Mk3 is available now for $1,200 / £1,100, while the slightly more advanced Mk3i - adding the potential for the air integration and diver messaging capabilities mentioned above - bumping that asking price to $1,400 / £1,250.

For the larger model, the 51mm Descent Mk3i, you'll instead have to pay $1,600 / £1,430, while the Descent T2 transmitter can be tacked on for a further $500 / £430. 


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