Fossil ups the style stakes with slimmer Q Venture and Q Explorist

Baselworld 2017: New hybrids also unveiled alongside new Android Wear duo
Fossil launches slimmer Android Wear watches

Fossil has unleashed a slew of brand-new devices at Baselworld 2017, and has unveiled the brand new Q Venture and Q Explorist Android Wear smartwatches, as well as a host of hybrid watches.

After releasing over 100 different smartwatches, hybrids and wearables in 2016, the company is planning to expand its range to more than 300 in 2017, and has kicked things off with the new Diesel On, the Michael Kors Access Sofie & Grayson, the Emporio Armani Connected and the re-imagined Misfit Vapor. It's also off to a bold start with the Fossil brand itself.

Read on for everything we know about Fossil's new Android Wear smartwatches, and the latest information on its hybrid devices.

Fossil Q Venture/Explorist: Features

The pair are Fossil's slimmest smartwatches to date – we don't have specifics but they will certainly be slimmer than the 13.5mm Q Wander – yet they don't scrimp on features. Screen tech looks to have been upgraded to lose the flat-tyre at the bottom; that's not visible on these official images, but seems to have been addressed on the Emporio Armani and Diesel On smartwatches. The watches also boast AMOLED tech to show off "millions" of branded dials, according to Fossil.

Fossil ups the style stakes with slimmer Q Venture and Q Explorist

(Above) Fossil Q Explorist boasts Android Wear. (Main) Fossil Q Venture

Fossil has never been one to share its tech specs – its line-up of Android Wear watches have always been strong in style, but lagging in terms of raw technology – but it looks as if the low screen resolution of the previous generation has been addressed. Eric Anderson, executive vice president of Portfolio Brands, Fossil Group gave us hope in a general statement:

"Our new touchscreen smartwatches are better in every way – from the screen resolution and fast, wireless charging to the case size and branded micro-apps."

The new models naturally take advantage of Android Wear 2.0 and also new micro-apps, brand-specific applets that live on the watch. There's no hint on what the Fossil micro-app will do, but we'll be trying to find more at Baselworld as well as details on battery life.

But these aren't Fossil's only smartwatch plans…

New 2017 Fossil Q hybrids

Fossil ups the style stakes with slimmer Q Venture and Q Explorist

(Above) Fossil Q Accomplice

The company has also unveiled the Fossil Q Accomplice and Q Activist, a pair of hybrid smartwatches. These analogue watches have smarts built in, for activity tracking and smartwatch-style notifications. And it's the latter that's been enhanced in this new generation of devices.

The new devices feature "customisable pushers" – buttons, to you and me – which can be set to a host of functions from remote camera shutter to 'find my phone'.

Fossil ups the style stakes with slimmer Q Venture and Q Explorist

(Above) Fossil Q Activist

Fossil 2017 smartwatch release dates

The Android Wear 2.0 Fossil Q Venture and Explorist are set to hit stores in "Fall 2017", so we're not too hopeful of seeing them working at Baselworld 2017.

The hybrid Fossil Q Accomplice and Q Activist watches are set to land in the summer so we're more likely to see them in the flesh.

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