The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

Fancy hitting the water rather than the roads? Check out these top waterproof bands

So what is the best fitness tracker for swimming? We might just be able to help you out on that one. For many people looking for a pool-friendly wearable, the waterproof rating is the most important factor.

The Fitbit Ionic, the company's first official smartwatch is waterproof and of course even the Apple Watch Series 3 is prepped for swim tracking. There's now a good collection of wearables out there that you can wear in the water and not have to worry about it still counting your steps when you've got out of the pool.

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We've picked out the best waterproof fitness tracker along with a bunch of wearables that we've played with that can survive a dip in the pool, which should be on the shopping list for any swimming enthusiast. There's a host of new devices on the way to consider, which we've mentioned below as well.

Got any questions about the waterproof trackers we've included in the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Wareable's best waterproof fitness tracker

Moov Now

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

If you want the best, this is in our opinion the one to go for. More than just a tracker, the Moov Now is about built-in coaching, which is designed to offer metrics on improving your swimming rather than just feeding back on it. Waterproof to 30m, the Moov app has a dedicated swimming mode that you turn on before you leave the changing room.

When you get back you'll see feedback on your stroke type, rate, distance and efficiency, as well as lap times and an overall indicator of your pool stamina. The only real down side is that there's no built-in screen to view performances in the pool in real-time.

If you want heart rate monitoring in the pool, you'll have to wait for the Moov HR Swim, a small Moov Now-like device in a swim cap. It was supposed to launch in 2017 but it's looking highly unlikely it will drop this year.

Waterproof rating: 3 ATM (30m)

Wareable verdict: Moov Now review

$79.95, | Amazon

Highly commended

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

If you do want a swim-friendly tracker that will let you review your pool or open water performance, Samsung's Gear Fit2 Pro gets our nod.

The feature-packed Fit2 Pro still has that gorgeous 1.5-inch curved AMOLED display and now adds waterproofing up to 5ATM so you can take it for a dip.

As far as swim tracking skills, it'll record the usual metrics including lap time, lap count and stroke type. The big deal here is that Samsung has partnered up with Speedo's ON swimming platform giving you an alternative place to analyse and drill into your data.

When you're out of the water, it's also in our opinion one of the best-looking fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrids to wear 24/7.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (50m)

Wareable verdict: Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro review

Price: $199.99, |Amazon

Best of the waterproof wearables rest

If you're happy to spend a bit more, you can pick up a waterproof smartwatch, sports watch that will still also offer those fitness tracker features you crave. Here's some of our faves that we've tested.

Fitbit Flex 2

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

While the Flex 2 is no longer the only waterproof Fitbit you can buy, it is the most affordable option for swimmers.

Read this: Swimming with Apple Watch Series 2 and Fitbit Flex 2

The Flex 2 has water resistant to 50m in the pool or ocean and brings a five-day battery life, LED light alerts and fancy accessories to the usual Fitbit features of activity and sleep tracking. It'll recognise the four main swimming strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.

While you don't get a comprehensive collection of swim metrics, it will track duration, distance and pace for a basic breakdown. If you're looking for a basic fitness tracker that's good for the water, it's a good one to go for.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (50m)

Wareable verdict: Fitbit Flex 2 review

$59.95, | Amazon

Great Amazon deals on fitness trackers

Fitbit Alta HR
Fitbit Alta HR
Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Garmin Vivosport
Garmin Vivosport
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro
Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Wareable may get a commission

Garmin Vivoactive 3

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

Like the Garmin Vivoactive HR the Vivoactive 3 delivers more of the same in the swim tracking department helping to make it one of the best all-purpose trackers for swimming out there.

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The sporty smartwatch has a 5 ATM waterproof rating, is resistant to pressure at a depth of 50 metres and has a dedicated swimming screen in Garmin Connect, which collects data on distance, time, stroke, SWOLF, temperature, pace, speed and more.

The Chroma Display ensures you can view your real-time swim data under the water. There's no open water swim tracking support unfortunately like you'll find with more expensive Garmins. But if you spend most of your time in the pool, then it's a strong option to go for.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (50m)

Wareable verdict: Garmin Vivoactive 3 review

From $299.99, | Amazon

Misfit Shine 2

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

We've not been totally won over by the original Speedo Shine and the Speedo Shine 2, so it's good news that the standard Shine 2 now inherits those swim tracking powers.

It does require a $10 purchase to make the Ray more pool-friendly but this does buy you swimming-specific algorithms that track laps and lengths as well as distance and calories burned.

Like the original Shine, this second gen tracker can be worn on the wrist or attached to your trunks, so it's flexible as well as waterproof. Plus it carries a 5 ATM rating, which means it will survive continued immersion at depths up to 50 metres.

If you prefer something more stylish, the Misfit Ray is worth trying out but will also require that additional spend before you get the most from taking

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (50m)

Wareable verdict: Misfit Shine 2 review

$79.99, | Amazon

Apple Watch Series 3

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

Apple's new Series 3 takes all the good swimming abilities from the Series 2 and improves it with a better processor and a cellular connection, should you need to take a call in between laps. There's also GPS, too. Apple's pool and open swim tracking is some of the best we've used.

You'll get served up with a host of metrics including distance covered, lengths, average pace, and it can distinguish stroke style as well. During the swim the touchscreen is inactive, but you can raise your arm to check in on real-time progress. Data is synced to the Apple Activity app, but there is a handful of third party swimming apps that support the added swim tracking features for more advanced insights.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (50m)

Wareable verdict: Apple Watch Series 3 review

From $329, | Amazon

Fitbit Ionic

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

The Fitbit Flex 2 was until recently the only swim-proof fitness tracker in the company's lineup, but it's recently been joined by the Ionic smartwatch. The Ionic takes everything we loved about the Flex 2's swim tracking and ups the ante with a very nice display, letting you to look at your statistics in real time.

Read this:Swimming with Apple Watch Series 3 and Fitbit Ionic

It's got five days of battery life, plus tactile buttons so that you can start and stop workouts while in water, so you don't have to worry about messing with a wet touchscreen. You're not going to get the most in-depth metrics possible with the Ionic, but it'll do the right job for the most people.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (50m)

Wareable verdict:Fitbit Ionic review

$299.95, | Amazon

TomTom Spark 3

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

The Spark 3 is a running watch first with fitness tracking features included in as well. It also has a dedicated swim mode that we regularly use to test against other swim trackers so we think highly of its sport tracking skills.

There's a surprising amount of data on board here including miles, speed, lengths and SWOLF scores. You can choose pool sizes to ensure lap counting is accurate, record split times and pick from a bunch of training modes including intervals. There's also a Goal mode which offers an excellent in-pool view of how far your session you are along with extra buzzes should you surpass your expectations.

Post-swim analysis is not great, but elsewhere this is a solid tracker to go swimming with. With TomTom leaving the wearable game, this looks to be its final entry on the list, which also means you should be able to pick it up cheaper soon.

Waterproof rating: 4 ATM (40m)

Wareable verdict: TomTom Spark 3 review

$129.99, | Amazon

Nokia Steel HR

The best waterproof fitness trackers for swimming in the pool

The French company might have been taken over and rebranded by Nokia, but it still makes one of the best fitness trackers packed into a smart analogue watch body, and one of its skills is swim tracking.

The Steel HR is waterproof to 50m and while you can't take advantage of the optical heart rate monitor in the pool, the automatic tracking software knows when you've jumped into the water and will put the exercise towards your daily activity goal.

Data is synced to the revamped Nokia Health Mate app and the 25-day battery life means you can get in a fair few swims before it needs to be powered up again. We are putting our finishing touches to our swim testing with the Steel HR, so for now you can check out our Withings Steel HR review to get a feel of what to expect.

Waterproof rating: 5 ATM (50m)

$191.41, | Amazon


  • davidac says:

    jawbone had informed me that the up 3 is not water proof but only splash proof

  • kat72 says:

    This information is good in theory but what about warranty information.  I have heard of some of these devices breaking when worn swimming or surfing and did not go beyond 2 meters let alone 10.  Also information on app interface would be nice since many are lacking.

    • hskonk says:

      I have a Garmin Vivosmart that stopped working one day after swimming (it was great for about 6 months before that). I returned it to Garmin and they sent me a new one right away.  It was great warranty service!

  • Diverjake says:


    thanks for the infos, just a correction 2 ATM doesn't means 20m depth, it means 10m.

    2ATM = 1ATM at sea level + 1ATM at 10m depth.

    5ATM means 40m depth.

    I am a diver and I know what I am talking about.



    • DMFreeman says:

      Common misconception. I used to think the same.

      5 ATM (atmospheres) is 50m of water pressure.

      You're thinking of ATA (atmospheres absolute): where you add the water pressure (ATM) to the existing atmosphere above sea level.

      So 5 ATA would be 40m.

      They don't take these things diving, they test them in a water pressure chamber to simulate the 5 ATM, but if you were moving at that depth it would exert far greater pressure... so even the Garmin's aren't really tested to go to 40 or 50m.

      (Dive Master & Freediving Instructor)

  • SwimmingTony says:

    Bought the Polar Loop 11 months ago.  Battery Life between charges is WAY too short.  Only way to download to computer is via USB wire and now the connection between loop and USB fails so the download function no longer works and the loop itself is useless as the data "file" in the loop is full.  And try getting someone at customer service????  Not even one year old. Instead of perfecting the device, they've decided instead to make sure we can see what another Loop owner in Denmark is doing with their Loop instead.  Don't buy it.  

    • nelsongruber says:

      You can send the data to your iPhone or Android device via bluetooth. Also do a Factory Reset and you´ll have amazing battery life again. I´ve had mine for over a year now and I love it.

      I´m looking to buy a new one but only becuase I need Heart Rate when I´m swimming and the Polar Loop + H7 can´t do it.

      Hope it helps!

      • neta says:

        Hi, which one would you recommend for heart rate tracking.


      • SteveMarshallUK says:

        Have you/someone got a tracker/watch that records live swim heart rate in water yet ?

        I have tied a few and have my iPhone 7plus on me in the pool, in a flip-belt on my waist, to see if I can get live/time-buffered data, but no real luck yet :-(
        tried Moove, Withings, Smart_Fit

    • Loubee says:

      I have had my Polar Loop for 19 months. No trouble at all. No trouble downloading. I download and charge every two days. Takes about 15 minutes.

  • Cderickson says:

    the basis does not track swimming activity. Got one for Father's Day it's waterproof but doesn't track laps or any other functions while in the water.

  • JogBikeSwimGirl says:

    Don't bother with the Misfit Shine.  It does not stay in it's cheap plastic band,   nor will it stay in the expensive ones they sell.  It constantly pops out and will attach itself to anything vaguely magnetic.

    • Walker says:

      I agree. I lost a Shine with the expensive band and almost lost one with the cheap one. After complaining (a lot) to them, they sent me the sport necklace and that has done the trick. I wear it constantly, day and night, without any problems or near losses. It even tracks my steps better than with the arm bands because it isn't as dependent on arm swing. Of course, if I want to swim or bike, I have to wear a band or use the magnetic clip. 

    • Piksea says:

      And, the Misfit Shine paperwork says that it gets ruined by prolonged contact with salt and/or chemically treated water.  So, not really good for swimmers. I've been through 4 of them at this point and the longest one has lasted is about 9 months.

    • Bendita says:

      Absolutely true. Misfit is no good. Mine stopped working altogether after just half an hour of swimming.

      • Nellen says:

        I am reading up on this stuff because I loved the Misfit Shine when I got it, but it stopped working after I started swimming with it.  Overwhelmed by all theses reviews.  So, what's best for swimming, walking, fitness class???

  • lnewstadt says:

    Garmin Vivoactive any thoughts on this watch, pity it does not have built in heart monitor?

    • smileman says:

      Two ways to go with the waterproof Vivoactive: 

      a) activate the activity tracker to record time and then add the swim distance, estimated calories burned, etc later in the Garmin Connect web app, 

      or b) use the Vivoactive swimming with either a Scosche Rhythm + or Mio Link (although I've read mixed reports on how well the Mio works compared to the Scosche) to track your heart rate and get the accurate calorie burn from the swim.

      • Oceanlv says:

        I love my Vivoactive. I initially got it to track my running sessions, but because you can download apps for specific use, I have gotten into circuit training, swimming etc. I downloaded an app called work out genius. You can customize the app up to three different types of workouts, including open water swim. I live in Florida so in the summer I am either at the beach or the pool. My Vivoactive never leaves my wrist. I always clean my Vivoactive because I know that both the salt water and chlorine can be corrosive, but I haven't had a problem yet and it's been two years. I usually pair it with the Garmin chest strap, but since I would like to track my swimming, I am on the hunt for a heart rate monitor that I can wear on my wrist. I looked at both the Mio Link and the Scosche. I ended up buying the Mio. I haven't even received it yet so I will have to come back to let you know how it works.

        • offbyte says:

          I'm on the same hunt too, how is the mio going so far?

        • SteveMarshallUK says:

          Any update on/Mio your search ?

  • onealioop says:

    I have the Misfit Shine. I love the waterproof and sleep and watch function. Tracking laps is non existant... tracking swim time is accurate. I concur with Jogbikeswimgirl, the bands are an issue.  Im on my third black sports band.  They pop out with catching on items sliding down your wrist. The magnet clasp works on shirts only. Feet and pants it pops off with centrifugal force. The bands with the metal bung work best. Plastic ones fail and colors weaken the rubber ring that holds it in place.  Anyone try the speedo sponsered one yet?

    • LMH says:

      thinking of getting one, could you not glue the thing into the band?

      • M1keJone5 says:

        I have the Speedo version. Tracking is largely accurate but occasionally counts 2 lengths less than I know I've done. Not had problem with it dropping out of the band (unless my little grandson pulls on it) but have bought compatible silicon band which fully encloses the Shine 2 (opening at back against wrist).

        It should be noted that to track swimming it needs to be wrist-worn not clipped on trunks as stated in the article. 

  • iAndy says:

    I have read loads of articles, I'm just after a good swim tracker! I think I have settled on Moov Now, claims to be a coach as well as tracker giving feedback on your swim stroke as well as the usual. It's available for pre-order now

    • Swimmer says:

      Moov is total garbage. It has never once worked because there is simply not enough information on the screen to indicate that it is actually tracking anything. Every single time, when I synched to my phone after my swim, it was messed up. Total waste of money. 

      • Storm8 says:

        Works for me, tracks quite accurately only for the calories burnt which once was tracked as over a thousand calories for a 30 minute swim. After the recent update it's tracking about 700 - not too sure if this is accurate but it does count / recognize laps accurately.

  • sdanzger says:

    This is a really useful article.  I'm still having trouble figuring out an affordable solution that will enable me to track both my heart rate and workout with intervals.  Any suggestions?

    • j.stables says:

      TomTom Spark is worth a look.

    • SteveMarshallUK says:

      HR real-time without strap to app:
      Any real solution yet ?

  • Jayesh says:

    thanks for the info but pretty contradictory comments. Is there a latest scoop for these?

  • lynne says:

    I bought a Fitbit Flex and it was supposed to be water resistant to 1 meter but it's not. Water resistant according to the manufacturer help line is 'Splash proof' and even then not advised to be taken into the shower. 

    • Acorp928 says:

      I've been wearing my Fitbit Flex in my pool and shower for 4 years now and purchased a new one for my wife last year.  We still have had no problems.

    • Neil says:

      Same here . . . wearing Fitbit Flex for 18 months in the pool [twice a week].  No problem.  Still works with no problem.

  • nayers says:

    Just bought my husband the iFit Vue for Christmas.  It looked good initially, as it tracks steps and laps, but when he went to download the app everyone said that it was horrible.  any reviews out there on the iFit Vue?  if you were to recommend one of the above for him (former swim team member, would rather swim for cardio than do anything else), which would you recommend?

  • TAT says:

    Enjoyed the article. I'm looking for something I can use in and out of the water. Swimmimg lap, aerobics and walking the dog. Recommendations?

  • moovover says:

    why is tech journalism so bad? Bought a mood now based on the review here - an utter rubbish piece of equipment. It is inaccurate on lengths and distance - one every 5-7 swims i smash olympic records according to this thing. And you cannot override the data. on looking on their forums available via their app i learn many have same/similar problems. Why is wareable not doing proper testing?? Are they just being paid by these companies.. Sloppy product and sloppy journalism. Waste of 100 dollars. recommend not to buy or trust the reviews on this site 

  • Strupo says:

    I bought the Garmin Vivosmart HR so I could track my heart rate while swimming. I was having issues with getting a good reading so I asked Garmin, and while the and is suitable to swim with, the heart rate feature does not work underwater. Just an FYI for anyone considering this band to use in the pool.

    • Suyash says:

      Hi Just read ur post. Wanted to know rather reassure myself that is Garmin Vivosmart HR is it good for Swimming as I am planning to buy one. As per ur post it appears to be yes. Ps update me.

    • jafelton says:

      I bought a Polar A360 (refurb) 2 months ago and it is pretty much my favorite tracker that I've had. Basic info (no gps) but the hr monitor is the best and most reliable wrist based one I've ever tried. It is also the only one i know that's not too expensive($129 amazon) that works under water. Consistent hr under water (no chest strap), good for more accurately calculating calories burned. And will record duration. This tracker is also good for walking and crossfit exercise. IMO......

  • Tibor says:

    So guys, which one would you recommend? I`m doing swimming (interested in laps=distances mostly, others are welcome) and mostly running (distance, route would be nice too=gps if possible; calories etc.). But don`t want a sport there a band or like withings watch looking tracker at all?

  • Tibor says:

    Hi there,

    so guys what would you recommend as my activities are mostly swimming, running and working out, rarely volleybal.

    But I`m looking for accurate measurement, in an app is fine, no need for a display..

    I`m not looking for a sport professional watch, unless it looks cool as withings activite..

    Is there a tracker like that at all?

  • Kaydub says:

    Particularly interested in a waterproof tracker for swimming in an endless pool. Laps mean nothing. Looking for heartrate and calorie burn for durations of time. Any thoughts?

    • sedgy says:

      Not sure about how it would work but one of the garmins that are comaptible with their HRM swim/tri hear rate bands might do it these count strokes, laps (or not in your case) and the stroke you are performing, the open water app they have might prove better than the pool swim and just turn off the GPS.Alternatively wahoo do a HRM that works in the pool and then syncs with an app on your phone for HR and estimated calories take a look over at DC Rainmaker site for coverage of most of this stuff and more :)

    • jafelton says:

      I bought a Polar A360 (refurb) 2 months ago and it is pretty much my favorite tracker that I've had.  Basic info (no gps) but the hr monitor is the best and most reliable wrist based one I've ever tried.  It is also the only one i know that's not too expensive($129 amazon) that works under water.  Consistent hr under water (no chest strap), good for more accurately calculating calories burned. And will record duration.  This tracker is also good for walking and crossfit exercise.  IMO......

  • AmyS says:

    I am a novice and after a fitness tracker for swimming and cycling that communicates with Strava if possible. Any suggestions? 

  • Nfritts says:

    I am wondering, how well do these things track calorie burn for water aerobics? 

    • j.stables says:

      You'd need a tracker with a heart rate monitor for that really – and of course, something waterproof. Vivosmart HR would be best – the Shine would do an OK job of guessing.

  • Skinz says:

    A reasonable simple summary but ...

    Optical heart rate monitoring, in my experience so far doesn't work too well in the pool, yet.  This leaves only a few options if that is what you want / need and for a bloke that means a way to keep the heart rate band secure while you swim.  And in my experience that means wearing a Tri suit as that is better than using tape. If you want / need this functionality there are options, though not many (DC Rainmaker' site has loads of detail) but I've ended up with Polar and a realtime HRM display with swimming metrics and activity monitoring on a V800 / H7 combo - which does the metrics even without the HRM.

    The Misfit Speedo Shine works well, especially with the newer activity clasp that keeps it more secure, too.  And the results for calories and effort are not noticeably different to the complex answer, even for a bog standard Shine either.

    Bottom line, unless you have a real need for HRM in the water it's not a deal breaker and most more complex Eco systems (Polar, Garmin, Suunto etc) have ways to add it in.

  • Fr8Broker says:

    Still no "love" for the Basis Peak....

    • Fr8Broker says:

      Wait!  I scrolled to fast and I can't figure out how to delete my comment!  There is "love" for the Basis Peak!  My faith is restored!

  • Raja says:

    caution. My six month old vivosmart is looking pixels.  Looks like a common problem too.  Don't recommend. 

  • Andea says:

    Anyone try the Waterfi waterproofed Fitbit charge HR wireless activity tracker with heart rate monitor? Waterproof for about 64m. 

  • Peer200x says:

    I had the poor loop for the last three or four summers.   It was great being able to wear it out in the ocean for my swims.   Having to connect it to my PC was painful but the activity tracker was spectacular.  I really enjoyed being able to monitor my activity level throughout the year and compare months from year-to-year and seeing the difference of summer activity versus my winter activity.   Unfortunately the bat became weak. Eventually on my fourth summer the battery completely died. Frustratingly I tried to call or contact their customer service to receive a replacement battery and could not seem to get through to polar Loop customer service. 

  • fiona says:

    I'm a little confused now after some comments contradict the article... Help!

    I'm pregnant so monitoring my heart rate whilst swimming is important so I don't let it get too high. It's hard when you don't quite feel the sweat in water as you do 'on land'! I'm looking for a heart rate monitor that can constantly measure my HR underwater and beep when it hits my manually entered limit. At this stage I don't care whether it measures it at the wrist or I need an extra strap, but it needs to still work underwater....and beep at me!!! Was leaning towards the garmin vivosmart then saw a comment that it doesn't actually measure HR underwater.

    I would really appreciate some help with this, budgets are tight with little one on the way so if anyone knows of a cheaper option that's been released post this article that would be great too.

    Thank you

    • j.stables says:

      To be honest there's very little out there that can fulfil this reliably on a budget. And for such an important task. Garmin Vivoactive HR might be best but I'm not sure there's an alert for high heart rate. What bpm are you looking to stay under?

  • sandrinefnyc says:

    Just bought the shine 2 because it said that it was better and improved and that it didn't pop as much ! BIG MISTAKE !  First of all i had purchased shine 2 with a sports necklace that NEVER CAME . So i paid $49 and no product , but the shine 2 stopped working after only after 4 days and had already popped like 4 times, and lets not talk about the fact that the customer service is NON EXISTENT . I emailed them and have yet to get a response . so if you are considering buying something do it with a company that has a telephone number because now looks like i spent $150 for NOTHING .... SO UPSET !

  • LucyCave says:

    I am a casuals swimmer but I swim in a static pool so there are no lengths. Is there an all round  fitness tracker that could cope with this?

  • laurenbolda says:

    Basis Peak has now been found to burn either the skin with contact or the charging puck on a few devices - anyone still reading this post may want to consider another model.  I personally submitted mine for a refund, and the company will no longer make them until they have resolved the problem.  I was very happy with this product during the time that I had it though!

  • Abk says:

    somebody help me I want an waterproof all around fitness tracker.Any ideas

  • swoman says:

    I swim in open water. I am not an open water swimmer. I poddle. I enjoy the birds and the feeling of the water. All I want is one device that will tell me the temperature of the water, the distance I have swum, and that is completely waterproof. Please someone make a suggestion.  Thanks.

  • Janet says:

    I'm exhausted just reading all these comments - and still non-the-wiser, really.... Just want a simple waterproof tracker for cycling, exercise classes and occasional swimming, with a heart monitor - and a colourful, reliable band, ideally... Surely, that's not too hard to find?...

    • GaryAnton says:

      I feel exactly the same!  I want a waterproof tracker for swimming, with a heart monitor.  Seems that the technology is not exactly there yet!  - Gary

  • doghiker says:

    I don't care about the HR or the sleep monitor, because there is no way I am wearing a watch to bed.  All I really want is the swimming and the hiking, and a GPS would be nice.  I really don't want notifications of texts, I'm not that attached to my phone.  But the GPS units are reviewed as bulky, which is hard for a lady with a kid.  Are we expecting these things to only last a year?  Because if they are so disposable I can just get the cheapest one and hope for a proper upgrade one day.  

  • Selkie says:

    I've been using the Fitbit HR for the past year (had to be replaced once due to the charging bit falling out). But I love to kayak and swim in the pool and ocean, so I'd like a tracker I can leave on in the water - and be able to check the time - but can also take a beating from the waves, boogie board, and (eventually) surf board and SUP. A couple of trackers not mentioned here: Fitbit Flex2 just came out, but despite being affordable, "swimproof" (site does not state depth) and able to pretty-up with a variety of bands, does not have a watch and the band looks like it will snap off with the first wave. Samsung Gear Fit2 has great bells and whistles for the price, but also has a band that looks like it will snap right off and "P68 rating means it’s water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes".  I'm in the water a lot longer.

    So I'm leaning toward the Garmins:  Vivoactive or new Vivoactive HR (but they look huge for a slim woman's wrist and are pricey) - or the less expensive and slimmer Vivosmart HR.

    I've read the article and the comments and still cannot decide. 

    Any other waterproof favorites for a great tracker with a watch that can take an active lifestyle?  Any other comments on the Garmin choices?

    • mfar11 says:

      Yeah, got muddled reading all these reviews too. Came down to these two based on intended use (simple to use tracker for walking, swimming and running): Polar A300 + H7 strap or Polar M600 + H7 strap. Both will track HRM in water if used with the H7. (may be possible to pair A300 with H1 strap which also works in water to track HRM).

      I chose the M600+H7 strap because I wanted a combo smartwatch/tracker. In hindsight, for the reason that I can always check data later once synced with my PC after the event, I should have gone for the simpler and cheaper A300+H7 strap. And the screen is always on and battery lasts for quite a bit. I also have an older Polar FT4 with bundled H1 that will track HRM underwater but my eyesight is not as sharp as it used to be.

      My friend has a Garmin Vivoactive. I looked at the Vivoactive HR+ but pulled out cause I really wanted an HRM.

      • mfar11 says:

        Should have reviewed last para. I didn't go with the Vivoactive HR because its optical HRM is not able, as I understand it, track heart rate in water and can't be paired with Garmin's own "swim" strap that can do that (only certain units like the dearer Fenix 3 will pair with that strap). 

        • neta says:

          Hi, which one would you recommend for heart rate monitoring (for swim)?


  • ELTON says:

    I had a Basis Peak until it was recalled recently by Intel not to be replaced. Because I wear my trackers constantly, shower, swimming etc. I needed a waterproof model. I ended up buying the FitBit Blaze from Waterfi. They take the Blaze and fully waterproof the watch. You do lose the altitude feature but that was not something I looked for anyway. I have had it for two months now and no problem. I do hope they come out with more watch faces, one with just large digital numbers for telling time that can be read in sunlight like I had with the Basis Peak. The only complaint I have is battery life. They advertise up to 5 days but you only get that using minimal features. If you use all the features offered battery life is about 60 hours.

  • dm33 says:

    I currently have the Moov Now, Garmin Vivosmart HR and Polar A360.

    For swimming I vote for the Polar A360, ~$150 @ Amazon. It has a heart rate monitor which has been very accurate for my uses.

    The Moov Now does an excellent job tracking laps, pace, strokes, distance per stroke, but its lacking as a general fitness tracker. Doesn't track steps. Poor general tracking. Buggy.

    The Garmin is temperamental in the water. Heart rate is erratic. You have to record a swim as a walk or something else then switch it to a swim after syncing with your phone. It then loses the heart rate graph but keeps the erroneous max heart rate and average heart rate. The Polar does much better. The Garmin touchscreen also goes nuts when water hits it.

    In summary, take a look at the Polar A360. Its sleep tracking is poorest of the three, notifications aren't as good as the Garmin, but for heart rate monitoring, its the best, especially in water.

  • outdoorsluver says:

    Wow, lots of comments and hard to sort through. Also some lingo that I don't understand to help me out. I am looking for a tracker that I can do my Triathlons with. I don't care much for HR in the pool but I want time, distance, and laps. Biking distance with GPS as well as running. Are there extra things I need besides the tracker? I was leaning toward the Vivofit but now unsure... Any comments would be helpful. 

  • Swim says:

    Interesting top rated Article dated October 4, 2016 (written by a marathon runner?), yet many of the comments are from 2015? I personally would also like to see a review done by an actual ranked swimmer or ranked triathlete. Many of the comments have keywords that make me wonder what level of swimmer they are! It would be nice if reviewers had to define in some way their swim level. I saw many comments on here from water aerobics or obvious older intermediate level swimmers and even some that just swim a relaxed pace short distance. As someone who has been a competitive swimmer in the past and swims currently on master's teams. I found almost nothing that helped me make a decision in the most recent developments of swim fitness tracking capabilities. I'm in my 50's but still competitive for my age and against younger competitive swimmers. In my view if you aren't swimming mixed pace laps for 2,3 or 4 miles in a workout timeframe of 1 hour or less, then you are an intermediate swimmer. I've decided to try the Moov Now due to their websites posted reviews from swimmers that swim a variety of strokes at training pace laps and have used various other brands of trackers that have either not stayed water proof "garmin vivoactive2 hr" "shine2" "any fitbit", bulky "garmin swim", or don't have a swim feature that counts laps accurately, strokes per lap, stroke type, lap splits. Looks like they now have a swim hr device that records Heart rate in a custom swim cap, though I can't imagine slowing/stopping long enough to check my heart rate? Maybe if the tracker works well enough and lasts more than a year, then I might splurge and pick one up!

  • Helice says:

    Hi all!

    I'm looking for an activity/calorie burn tracker (preferably with heart rate) suitable for my activities (water aerobics, walking, yoga, scuba diving, roller blading). Searching the net I've found this one from Life Trak "Brite R450". Any experience/feedback about it? Any other suggestion?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Gearfit2 says:

    Does anyone have comments about the Samsung Gear Fit2?

  • Djsully says:

    Ive had a polar something to swim with since college.  A tracker that includes swimming activity is the polar A300 &H7 chest strap.  Ive had it over a year now with no issues.  A little clunky, but works!  Skip the polar loop, low battery time!!

  • radulle says:

    What about Huawei Fit? Can't find any tests on their swimming metrics.

  • judy50 says:

    i am in a wheelchair and use my fit bit HR for counting my steps as I wheel along which works well.

    I am swimming and walking in the pool and doing exercises

    Is there a tracker that will count my steps in the pool. I don't do a lot of laps


  • Stamford77 says:

    Can anyone recommend a screen protector for the Vivoactive HR that stays on when the watch is used in the swimming pool. Thanks

  • barbz says:

    im looking for something that can track my swimming and i also do aquarobics so would love to track how much im doing in an hour session in the water. Any recommendations?

  • MicheleKayJones says:

    I need a fitness tracker/watch that will count laps in the pool and steps outside of the pool. Don't need GPS but heart rate monitor would be nice.  Any suggestions?

  • RWeir says:

    I do Pilates, swim and do aquasize. Which one should I get? I'm thinking the swim ones may not do anything with aquasize. Thoughts?

  • Joy1840 says:

    AQUAROBICS! Yes please and a nice looking hardware without fat silicon straps and the like. I own a vivoactive which is waterproof, but there it ends. It does not recognize pool activities. The waterproof wearables concentrate on lap counting and distance, I hope some smart-brains with design appreciation, will come up with a solution soon. It is time to focus on aquarobics, aquasize as a serious forms of fitness enjoyed by many people. Thank you.

  • smile1220 says:

    ONVO fitness tracker with IP67 Waterproof, round seamless design, no buttons, Fit for anyone.

  • Sleekguy says:

    Moov Now is a good swimtracker but I prefer Polar M600. Even the HR measure during swimming is good if not perfect. The M600 recognizes your swimming style, and calculates style specific metrics as well as totals for your whole session. You got pace, distance, stroke, SWOLF:

    • m.sawh says:

      I think for a fitness tracker, the Moov Now is still the standout option in terms of the data it delivers. I've not spent a lot of time swimming with the M600, but have no doubts it's a solid performer 

  • Guardian-Agent says:

    Why wasn't the Misfit Vapor included?  It's rated at 5ATM, HR monitor, workout apps, wifi & bluetooth, & 4GB memory built in for music so you don't have to carry your phone. It looks like a great fitness tracker/smartwatch that's swimproof for $200.

    • h.langley says:

      We haven't had a chance to hit the pool with the Vapor yet. But rest assured we will, and if we think it's worthy, we'll add it to this list!

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