Samsung Gear Fit tips: Get more from your new fitness tracker

The fitness tracker with smartwatch skills has many hidden talents
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The first fitness band on the market to sport a stunning AMOLED screen, the Samsung’s Gear Fit has been turning a lot of heads. But this smartwatch wannabe isn’t just a pretty face, it’s a feature packed fitness tool that will put plenty of tricks up your sleeve - once you know where to look.

So with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some hidden features, handy how-tos, and the answers to some Samsung Gear Fit FAQs. Take a look through these tips and make sure you’re getting the perfect Fit.

1. Get a better view in portrait mode

One of the first things you should have done with your Gear Fit (in our opinion, at least) is change the screen to portrait orientation mode. The option to do this arrived with an update, and not only feels more natural on the wrist when swiping through apps and text, but also means you can read messages more easily. You’ll find it under your Display settings. You can thank us later.

2. Alter the brightness with a couple of taps

One criticism of the Gear Fit is that it can be difficult to read in strong sunlight. One solution to this is to up the screen brightness, something you can actually do easily by quickly tap twice on the watch face screen with two fingers. Saves a journey into the settings.

Samsung Gear Fit tips: Get more from your new fitness tracker

3. Double press takes you to your favourite app

A handy feature that Samsung has included on its Gear Fit is Double Press. This lets you assign an app that will be opened instantly if you tap the Fit’s main button twice, quickly. Scroll down to Double Press, tap it, and then choose your most-used app. We’d recommend assigning something you’ll want to access often, like the pedometer, here.

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4. Avoid getting buzzed in the night

Don't want to be disturbed? Samsung’s kindly added Blocking Mode so you won't be interrupted when you're tracking your sleep with the Gear Fit. To activate it, tap on Sleep but then scroll right. Not only will this take you to Blocking mode but you'll also be able to view your sleep history. Unfortunately, Blocking mode only works when the device is in sleep tracking mode - but hopefully Samsung will change that down the line.

5. Display more information on the clock

Fancy having a bit more info on your clock face? The Gear Fit gives you the option to add calendar, weather or other quick updates to the home screen. To customise, head to Settings and then hit Clock and you'll be able to scroll through the options.

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Again, you’ll feel the most benefit by putting something like the pedometer here so you don't need to enter the pedometer app every time you need an update. Your progress (or lack of) will then be rubbed in your face whenever you check the time. It’s move-you-ass-o-clock again.

Samsung Gear Fit tips: Get more from your new fitness tracker

6. Get a better overview of your sleep data

If you want to log all of the Gear Fit’s sleep data, you’re going to need a standalone app called S Health Sleep to do so. It’s a bit of an awkward solution from Samsung and it’s also a little hidden away; there’s nothing on the S Health menu for monitoring sleep. So head into More Apps and you’ll find S Health Sleep. Download it and you’ll be able to view your sleep logs on your phone if the process hasn’t already sent you into a coma.

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7. Set up quick reply messages

The Gear Fit can not only let you read your texts and emails on its Super AMOLED screen, but it also gives you the option of sending a Quick Reply - predetermined responses that you can fire back with a tap. But you can also add in your own template responses if you’re not satisfied with what Samsung’s offering. In the Gear Manager, go to Settings and then select Edit Text Templates and enter 'Not Now Mum'.

8. Access the hidden service mode

You’ll only need to use this trick if something is not working properly on your Gear Fit, but it’s a good one to have in the back pocket. By going to Settings, Gear Fit Info, and then selecting About Gear Fit you’ll find information about the model number and software version.

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On this screen, you need to find the far right corners of the screen (just above the back button if your Fit is oriented that way). Then, tap the bottom right of the screen ten times followed by the top right ten times. If done correctly, this should open up the service menu. Type in *#0*# and you’ll be able to access tests for the accelerometer, touchscreen and others. Handy if something is playing up and you need to know if a factory reset is needed - or a phone call to Samsung.

Samsung Gear Fit tips: Get more from your new fitness tracker

9. Sync the Gear Fit pedometer with S Health

S Health doesn’t auto-sync with the Gear Fit pedometer, which is annoyingly unintuitive. However, there is a solution. To bring the two together, you need to go into the S Health app and select Pedometer. Then hit the three-dots menu button and select 'phone data to view'. There you can select the Gear Fit device and get the two talking.

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