Razer Nabu goes on sale... again

Social driven fitness band to get wider release in October
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The Razer Nabu is to go on sale next month. No, you're not accidentally reading a news story from September 2014, this really is happening, again.

If you're confused, allow us to unmuddle you. The Razer Nabu was first shown off back in January 2014 at CES. It then, after months of delays, went on sale in December (albeit in limited quantities).

Heck, even a sequel arrived in February 2015 – the fairly meh Razer Nabu X.

But the gaming giant has gone back to the drawing board with the original Nabu; redesigning the companion app (launching soon on iOS and Android) and adding a load of compatible fitness platforms including Apple Health, Google Fit and MapMyFitness.

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The hardware remains the same – so you're looking at a splash proof fitness band that offers a notification OLED display, that will provide you with your smartphone alerts, as well as giving you updates on your activities, discreetly on the inside of your wrist.

Battery life is stated as up to six days. On the fitness tracking front there is step counting, distance measuring, calorie burn estimates, active minute recording and sleep monitoring.

Razer being Razer, there is a gaming element to all this with 'level ups' and social leader boards to keep you motivated. Razer is also promising, still, that countless developers are knocking up gaming titles for the band, to tie-in the activity tracking and social aspects.

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When it comes to socialising with other Razer users, a handshake with another Nabu wearer will swap Facebook or Twitter contact info. Bands in close proximity will also share gamer tags and activity data.

The price is also still below $100, which is pretty attractive given the additional smartwatch-esque notification skills. It's re-launching in October, for $99.99, and you can sign up for updates now.

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