Lumo Lift wants you to sit up straight

Posture aid and activity tracking all in one with new sub-£80 Lumo wearable
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Lumo BodyTech, the maker of the slightly-awkward-but-still-a-good-idea Lumo Back posture aid, is back for a second bite of the cherry with the Lumo Lift.

The Lumo Lift is a square Misfit Shine-esque device that will not only stop you slouching, but acts as an activity tracker too, counting your steps, distance and calories.

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Attaching to your clothes using a lapel-style magnetic clasp, the Lumo Lift, like its predecessor (which required strapping around the lower back), uses an algorithm to detect posture and vibrates if the wearer should be sitting or standing a little taller. It tracks core position, upper body position and other nuances of posture.

It’s definitely a unique addition to the lifestyle tracking genre and, if it works as well as its makers claim, could provide a wealth of benefits to the wearer.


“The Lumo Lift is a stylish device that empowers you to make small but impactful changes like pulling your shoulders back, engaging your core and lifting your head,” said Lumo BodyTech CEO, Monisha Perkash.

“We have found that these minor changes in your posture increase confidence, build good muscle memory, and promote an overall healthier lifestyle.”

With a battery life of up to five days, it’s not likely to worry the Misfit Shine in that respect but there is a nice docking station to make charging easier and you’ll have a full battery with a two-hour charge.

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There’s just 32MB of memory on board but that’s enough to store up to four weeks of data. There is, of course, an app you sync your data with too that offers all the usual goal setting features too.

The Lumo Lift will go on sale later this month, priced at a penny shy of £80. You’ll be able to get one from Amazon or from Apple Stores.

Wareable will be bringing you a full review very soon, so stay tuned.

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