Lenovo Vibe Band VB10: Everything you need to know

Lenovo brings the fight to Sony's SmartBand Talk with its $90 Vibe Band
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If CES 2015 proved anything, it's was that there are no firm rules in the wearable tech playbook. Not yet anyway. A fitness tracker can look like a Swatch. A pair of headphones might be a VR headset. Garmin can launch its own app store.

Lenovo contributed to this trend with the Vibe Band VB10, an E Ink fitness band that copies smartwatch functions too.

Here's all the important stuff you need to know about it such as its price, release date and spec details...

Lenovo Vibe Band: Design

The VB10 looks surprisingly chic for a Lenovo wearable. The body itself is metal, available in two colours of black and silver officially but with a gold-coloured model on display in the press images. It measures in at 60 x 23.8 x 9.5mm and weighs in at less than 30g.

In terms of looks there are obvious comparisons to be made with the E Ink packing Sony SmartBand Talk.

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The watch-style strap is rubberised but the screen isn't built flush into the strap like Sony's futuristic-looking fitness tracker. Still, the SmartBand Talk costs $210/£120 so the comparison might be a little unfair with Lenovo's wearable set to come in at less than $90.

All in all, it's also a very female-friendly design in colours, materials and textures, something that's been missing in fitness bands, Tory Burch Fitbit accessories and the Mira band aside.


Lenovo Vibe Band: Features

The Vibe Band sounds like a supremely practical product. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, it's good to go for seven days of use (charging via Micro USB), according to Lenovo. It's also IPX7 certified, meaning it's waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes. And it works with both iPhone and any Android phone running Android 4.4 or above.

So what can it actually do? Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 it can display notifications ("calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and more") with space for up to 200 characters on the 1.43-inch 200ppi E Ink display. But the Vibe Band VB10 also tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep with a Find My Phone function thrown in for good measure.

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Details are scarce on any companion smartphone app or tie-ins with third party health and fitness apps, for now, which could end up being a disadvantage compared to trackers that just focus on fitness.

Lenovo Vibe Band: Release date and price


This affordable version of a Sony SmartBand Talk is priced at just $90 and is due to launch in April 2015. It's not certain yet whether the launch will include the US or UK but we will update this story as and when we get more details.

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