Mira first look: Pretty smartband designed for the fairer sex

We get hands-on with the Kickstarter success over in Vegas at CES

The Mira smart bracelet was a Kickstarter success at the end of 2014, and was on show over in Vegas this past week at CES 2015 where Wareable was on hand to get a first-look.

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Mira is a stylish activity tracker aimed at women that tracks fitness without getting in the way or looking out of place. In short, it ticks all the boxes for a female-friendly wrist based wearable.

It’s Mira’s simplicity that won over crowdfunding fans. The smart jewellery tracker tracks user’s steps, distance and calories burned with a neat circular graphic in the companion smartphone app. A purple block gets bigger the more you move for glanceable hour, day and week views. Mira isn’t aimed at fitness fanatics. Instead, the app displays Boosts to encourage users to build some walking or exercise into their schedules.

These messages are tailored to the user’s activity levels and include motivational messages such as "sweat is fat crying" and also adds suggestions for activities. It’s all a bit cheesy but it could be just what it takes to get couch potatoes up off of the sofa.

In addition to tracking steps, distance, pace and calories, the Mira band’s app also lets you add other activities such as yoga, swimming and weight lifting, and you can also log your food intake. The band itself is not quite as startling as the luxurious Opening Ceremony and Intel collaboration or the new Misfit Swarovski Shine, but the Mira does look more inconspicuous than most of the plain black or sports-bright activity trackers on sale at the moment, and could blend in with your regular jewellery and accessories.

Mira is a Fitbit Flex-style detachable module and is interchangeable between the two midnight purple and brushed gold styles. It also comes in three sizes - petite, small and medium. It’s US only for now and there’s no Android at launch – it’s iOS only.

The Mira Fitness smart bracelet is expected to ship in the next couple of months, a company representative told Wareable. It’s going to cost $169.

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