Jawbone firmware update improves UP2 and UP3 battery life

Sleep and active data improvements also promised

Over the last week or so, you'd have seen Wareable's full Jawbone UP3 review and our comprehensive Jawbone UP2 review hitting the site.

But it looks as if we're going to have to revisit the fitness tracker duo as Jawbone has announced that some meaty updates are arriving for the platform.

The new firmware means an extended battery life for both the UP3 and the UP2 - from 5 to 7 days for the former and 7 to 10 days for that latter - as well as better detection on whether the band is being worn or not.

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If you read our UP3 review, you'd see that we weren't all that enamoured by the sleep tracking functionality on board but hopefully improvements are coming - the new firmware, it's promised, provides better classification of REM sleep compared to deep sleep stages.

The final tweak is an improved capacitive touch detection although, we'll be honest, that wasn't really a problem with either of the devices that we tested.

The update should show up on the UP app in the next couple of days. You'll see a little blue down arrow at the top right of the app's home screen; just click it and follow the instructions.

The Jawbone UP3 costs $179.99 and is the company's flagship activity tracker. The more budget friendly Jawbone UP2, essentially a redesigned UP24, costs $99.99.

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  • jaytee·

    Where did this info come from?  Do you know when this update will hit the street?  I would welcome these improvements but see no "little blue down arrow at the top right of the app's home screen".


    • p.lamkin·

      Direct from Jawbone. App should be updated in the next 48 hours

      • jaytee·

        Thanks.. waiting with baited breath...

        • Ninerjoe1·

          you may have to call Jawbone. Mine wasn't showing either and they did something on their end and the blue arrow showed up in 24 hours

  • labuschin·

    No Update-Icon for my UP2 in my purple UP-App so far.

    • jaytee·

      Same here.. still waiting.

    • jaytee·

      I called  support and had them push the update to me.  It updated the firmware to version 1.1.20.

  • shaffiya·

    After update, now my #UP3 stop working, after light sleep and I try to exit from Sleep mode my #UP3 died, I think it's battery empty so I charge using MacBook Air and when I try to put on... we got some vibrate from #UP3 with first light is NOTIFICATION... then began cycling from Sleep, Notification, Activity... 

    I was charge it more than 2 hours and this cycling light keep going and my #UP3 never full.. Any clue how to fix it? Soft Reset didn't work.... :(((

    I use #UP3 for 2 days and now has died... 

  • Qureshi1981·

    Ever since I updated my band. My battery life has gone down to a day. Anybody else have that problem?

  • Qureshi1981·

    ever since the update my Up 2 band battery life has gone to less than a day...anyone else having this issue?

  • Qureshi1981·

    add on quotation tip my prestigious one. Is it possible to charge my jawbone up 2 band using the given charging cable and a Samsung wall charger?

    • p.lamkin·


  • Tulipsmonet·

    Since the update two issues have plagued my nerves every week. Issue 1: jawbone up 2 sleep mode doesn't sync for any information from my jawbone up2. I tried the band activator and the bedside mode from the purple app. I need to enter manually every night to have a 

    Issue 2: iPhone plus unpairs from up2 every other day. I need to reset the alarms and reminders based on the previous settings prior to the update. It's been two weeks now. 

    I am at the advent of forgoing the up once again this is the second one in a month. I don't want to do please help. 

  • JRA·

    With Up2 don't notice a huge difference yet on battery life but sleep is now not sensitive enough!  The Up2 went from recording about 60-90 mins of deep sleep over 7 hrs before the firmware update (vs about 3 hrs typically from an Up24) to now like 4 out of 7 hrs.  And is not reflecting times when I know I was awake and restless... Step counts remain at about 50-67% of number of steps recorded by the Up24.  Its all relative, but don't think Jawbone has got this fully figured out yet!!

  • Vion·

    updated and my up2 doesn't react anymore to tapping. It syncs, but no tap. Any solution?

  • alpha·

    eversince i had my up2 firmware updated. i can't manually change mode from active to sleep and vice versa. did they deactivate this feature?

    • Minok·

      Yes, they deactivated that feature - it now auto-detects when you were asleep so you no longer have to do any taping for anyting other than silencing the vibrating alarm (if you set one up)

  • Minok·

    The update - whether it extends battery life is not clear, because my Up2 with the new firmware isn't lasting 7 days.
    The iOS UP2/3 app did change in what it displayed for a fully charged up band, from 6/7 days to something like 9 days, but 6 days later, consistantly, the app is telling me my UP2 is about to run out of juice and I should recharge it asap.

    My usage is: has 5 days a week wake-up vibrate alarm, has 1.5 hr inactivity vibrate alarm - and thats it. I just wear it 24/7 except for the 2 hrs I have it on the charger Tuesday evenings when I'm at the computer anyway. Well then (which was what I did with my original Up rev 2) and the now needed occasional top-off recharges at work :(

    Doing another soft-reset and full recharge now... if this thing doesn't last 7 days on a charge as claimed, I'll be in touch with Jawbone to get it replaced as its only several months old.